Using a Gazebo vs. a Pergola

Differences Between Pergolas and Gazebos Both pergolas and gazebos offer shade and shelter to help you enjoy your patio in the face of intense sunlight or inclement weather. However, these two structures have their own unique qualities that could make one better for your space than the other. Knowing the differences between a gazebo and […]

How to Decorate Your Porch for Fall

Fall Porch Decor Ideas Autumn sets the stage for cozy bonfires, trips to the pumpkin patch, and the start of the holiday season. During this time of year, many people break out their fall decor to create a charming, festive atmosphere both inside and outside their homes. If you’re looking to establish an inviting autumn […]

What Are the Most Useful Garden Tools?

Choosing the Best Garden Tools for Your Patio or Backyard Gardens help enhance the colorful look and refreshing feel of your outdoor oasis and can even be a functional addition to your home if you’re growing fresh fruits, veggies and herbs for your kitchen. Many people decide to take up gardening when they want to […]

How to Create a Romantic Outdoor Arrangement

Romantic Outdoor Furniture & Ideas There’s nothing quite like spending quiet, quality time with your spouse or partner. A romantic backyard getaway is perfect for intimate dinners, wine and cheese night or just enjoying each other’s company. With the right planning, furniture and date night ideas, you can have a romantic outdoor setting that you […]

How to Have a Staycation in Your Own Backyard

Vacation-Themed Patio Decorating Ideas When you’re unable to travel, establishing the appropriate patio layout design lets you bring your favorite vacation destination to you. Consider using some of the themed outdoor decorating ideas in this article to transform your backyard, terrace, deck or porch into a fun and relaxing at-home getaway. Overview Get inspiration for […]

Outdoor Ambiance

Three Easy Ways to Add Instant Outdoor Ambiance The right atmosphere is essential when creating an outdoor oasis. Poolside relaxation should feel like a breezy escape, while an inviting, heartwarming vibe works well for lounging with family on the deck. Set the stage in your backyard for festive parties, romantic evenings or relaxing weekends by […]

Eco-Friendly Ways to Care for Your Backyard

What Makes Outdoor Furniture and Decor Environmentally Friendly? Going green is a lifestyle change that requires you to incorporate sustainable products and practices into your daily routine. When it comes to buying patio furniture, many people who wish to establish an eco-friendly design prefer companies that use green construction methods. However, some stores also offer […]

Creating an Outdoor Oasis

How to Design a Tranquil Outdoor Relaxation Spot For many people, a patio is a place to shake off the stresses of the day and enjoy some fresh air and sunshine after spending long hours indoors. While simply sitting outside, feeling the breeze and taking in the scenery might be enough to relax you, the […]

Coordinating Outdoor Furniture Styles

Mix and Match Your Patio Furniture Whether you’re updating your seating or swapping out a small dining table for a larger one, people mix and match patio furniture for many reasons. The key is to coordinate your pieces to create a balanced look that’s as tasteful as it is unique. You can achieve layered perfection […]