What Can I Use on My Patio for Shade?

Patio Cover Ideas One of the best ways to reset the mind and refresh the body is to sit outside and take in some fresh air and sunshine. However, it’s hard to enjoy spending time on your deck or in your backyard if there’s harsh sunlight beating down on you, causing you to sweat and […]

How to Use Outdoor Privacy Screens

Outdoor Privacy Screen Ideas Guide Privacy is important when designing your outdoor oasis, especially if you have nosey neighbors. While building a massive fence or stone wall around your property can keep your deck, porch or patio safe from prying eyes, there are plenty of easier, cheaper and chicer ways to achieve the same goal. […]

Black Wrought Iron Patio Décor

Craving a timeless look for your patio or garden? Wrought iron is famous for its beauty and elegance. Furniture made from this material is often heavy but has a classic look that works well in a variety of layouts. Wrought iron is typically finished with paint or powder coating to give it some protection from […]

Decorating your Patio with Lights

As you design your patio to get the most enjoyment out of it as possible, don’t forget to consider lighting. From additions as simple as lanterns and string lights to professionally installed fixtures like wall sconces and chandeliers, lighting is an important addition that will add functionality as well as a festive feel that will […]

Captivating Pool House Décor

Whether you have a cozy poolside gazebo or expansive detached guest house, curating the right combination of decor elements for your cabana sets the tone for your backyard retreat. Go for old-school Hollywood glam, laid-back beachy resort or anywhere in between. Often a pool house is a small villa built on your property that follows […]

Wrought Iron Outdoor Chandeliers

While chandeliers look just as elegant outdoors as indoors, heavy-duty materials are a must for patio lighting. Our stylish and sturdy wrought iron chandeliers feature durable metal construction to stand up to dirt and damp with minimal care. Wrought iron lighting comes in designs from simple ring pendants to ornate candelabras to grace any backyard […]

Steel Patio Bistro Sets

Give your outdoor retreat the feel of a Parisian cafe with steel bistro sets. Featuring a variety of elegant finishes and styles, these metal dining collections lend a chic, European vibe to your decor. Go contemporary with square tables and plush seats. Or, stick to the classics with woven chair backs and round tables perfect […]

Blue Lanterns

Create a relaxing outdoor oasis by adding blue lanterns to your patio or porch. Each lamp emits a soft azure glow for a peaceful, cozy ambiance. Multiple shapes and shades make it easy to find pieces to complement your home’s decor. Hang a blue outdoor lantern with a punched out shade from a pergola to […]

White Lanterns

What could be more magical than the soft glow of a white lantern? Perfect for everyday use or special occasions, these neutral outdoor lights enhance any patio decor. Hang an understated, snowy lantern in the garden to illuminate vibrant blooms, or add cream and ivory lights to a teak table as a chic yet subtle […]