Crate and Barrel

Overview of the Crate & Barrel Furniture Brand

Crate & Barrel is an international furniture and decor brand that offers a range of contemporary and modern furnishings for homes and patios. Established in 1962 in Northbrook, IL, the company’s name harkens back to its original role as a direct importer of overseas housewares. Founders George and Carol Segal displayed merchandise on the upended barrels and crates they used to ship their products.

Today, the retailer shows the same resourcefulness by using eco-friendly practices in their furniture design and building process. Crate & Barrel has a strong commitment to sustainable initiatives like responsibly sourcing the materials it uses in manufacturing and packaging. Furthermore, the company strives to conserve and protect the forests that provide lumber for its furniture.

From its humble beginnings, Crate & Barrel has grown to operate over 100 showrooms, outlet stores and distribution centers around the globe. Shoppers can also find the brand’s products at one of the company’s many franchise partners. Along with their various store locations, Crate & Barrel has an online store that lets customers browse their indoor and outdoor selections from home.

Design diversity is part of what makes this brand’s furnishings so appealing. Crate & Barrel’s product line includes living room, dining room, kitchen, bedroom, entryway and patio furniture, so customers have plenty of options to choose from when decorating homes and patios of any size. A selection of nursery sets, kids beds and playroom accents is also available in the company’s Crate & Kids store.

Where is Crate & Barrel Furniture Made?

Crate & Barrel’s design team collaborates with artisans and designers from around the world to create its decor items and curated collections. With factories in 42 countries, the brand’s products come from various locations throughout the Americas, Africa, Asia and Europe. However, Crate & Barrel also works with family-owned workshops, mills and tanneries.

Furniture Quality

Quality materials and excellent artistry are essential parts of the Crate & Barrel furniture-making process. Whether they’re using innovative tanning techniques to highlight the rich colors in their leather upholsteries or creating expertly-crafted wood furnishings, the brand’s artisans prioritize exceptional skill and attention to detail in each item they design.

Furniture Types

Again, Crate & Barrel offers furniture and decor for every room in the home and outside spaces. Shoppers can find everything from contemporary-style sofas, sectionals and chaise lounges to modern dining tables, chairs and bar sets. Home office furniture, bedroom headboards and storage pieces, light fixtures, rugs, throw pillows and wall decor are also available from this retailer.