Havertys vs. La-Z-Boy

What’s the Difference?

Choosing the perfect indoor and outdoor furniture for your home starts with finding the right retailer. From style and selections to services and warranties, exploring the differences between Havertys and La-Z-Boy can ensure that you make the best decision when selecting decor items for your home or patio.


In addition to their extensive online stores, Havertys and La-Z-Boy operate storefronts and showrooms where customers can browse and try out new furnishings before making a purchase. Your location may determine the availability of certain items, so knowing which store you’re closest to may play an important role in where you choose to shop.


Once a single store in Atlanta, GA, Havertys now has over 100 showrooms across the South, Midwest and East Coast of the United States. Haverty also runs three large furniture distribution centers that ship the brand’s indoor and outdoor pieces to retail partners and customer homes across the country.


Established in 1927, La-Z-Boy gained popularity for its innovative recliner chair designs. Over the years, the shop grew into a larger chain of stores, offering more furnishings for other areas of the home. Today La-Z-Boy operates thousands of showrooms in the U.S. and Canada, with thousands of suppliers and retail partners around the globe.


When it’s time to bring your new furniture home, the differences between Havertys and La-Z-Boy delivery policies might influence your decision between the two brands. Both companies have expansive service areas that they ship products to, though product sizes and distance from the store can affect the costs. Also, Havertys delivery service includes assembly and inspection of your new pieces.


La-Z-Boy offers one- to five-year limited warranties on many of its popular items, including its recliners, mattresses and outdoor furniture. Even so, some of the brand’s products may require extra repair fees. Havertys has a one-year parts and labor guarantee on every item, plus optional protection plans that extend your coverage even further.

Style Selections

Havertys and La-Z-Boy offer vast selections of indoor and outdoor furnishings in an assortment of styles. Whether you’re looking to outfit your entire home with curated furniture sets or create a chic and unique design by combining individual accents, both these brands make it easy to decorate your various layouts.


Furniture and decor items from Havertys’ catalog suit a range of traditional and contemporary styles, including modern, rustic, classic and glam. Shoppers can find beds, living room sets, office furniture and patio decor to complement almost any chic design. To put your own unique spin on these pieces, choose one of Havertys’ customizable collections and select the colors and upholstery types you prefer.


While the La-Z-Boy brand is famous for its comfortable, customizable recliners and sofas, the retailer also offers indoor and outdoor furnishings in classic, modern and casual styles. La-Z-Boy’s selection of decorative accents, which includes lamps, tables and ottomans, let you put the finishing touches on your den, family room, bedroom and patio layouts as well.

Company Values

La-Z-Boy and Havertys share a common goal of exceeding industry standards and offering a rewarding customer experience. Along with providing high-quality furniture and decor, both vendors offer affordable prices and friendly and efficient service in the hopes that shoppers will become loyal repeat customers.

Policies and Promotions

Both companies have generous return policies that allow unsatisfied customers to reselect or cancel pieces within three days of purchase. Havertys and La-Z-Boy also offer financing options for those who wish to pay for their furniture in installments. Shoppers who qualify for either of these retailers’ credit cards can gain access to certain sales events and interest-free promotions as well.

Which Brand is Right For You?

Comparing the differences between Havertys and La-Z-Boy can help you decide which store has the right furnishings, styles, services and prices for you. Depending on your budget, location or other unique decorating needs, you may find that one of these brands is a better option for you than the other.