IKEA vs. Nebraska Furniture Mart

What’s the Difference?

Deciding to Buy from IKEA vs. Nebraska Furniture Mart

Savvy shoppers use all the tools at their disposal to find the perfect furnishings for their home. Comparison shopping, online deals, and in-store visits are all important factors in picking out new furniture. When choosing between companies like IKEA and Nebraska Furniture Mart, take your time and make the right decision.

Summary of Comparisons

IKEA Nebraska Furniture Mart
  • Modern, clean designs
  • European feel and linear look
  • Contemporary
  • Cottage
  • Industrial
  • Mid-Century Modern
  • Living room
  • Dining room
  • Bedroom
  • Kitchen
  • Decor
  • Baby & kids
  • Bar & rec room
  • Bedroom
  • Dining room & kitchen
  • Living room
  • Mattresses
  • Office furniture
  • Outdoor furniture
  • Decor
  • ~50 stores in 27 states
  • Online ordering
  • 4 stores in Nebraska, Kansas, Texas, and Iowa
  • Online ordering
  • Yes – ships furniture in pieces for DIY assembly at home.
  • Yes – free delivery during select promotions, otherwise delivery available with fee at time of purchase.
  • Offers many factory warranties
  • Select items come with a 25-year guarantee
  • One-year warranty covering factory defects & repair problems.

Differences Between IKEA and Nebraska Furniture Mart

Philosophy and Size

Understanding each brand’s background and core values can help customers decide whether IKEA or Nebraska Furniture Mart better fits their needs.

Swedish company IKEA opened its first store in 1958 and has grown to over 400 stores in nearly 50 countries. Today, the brand is unmatched in rapid growth. IKEA’s modern, DIY sensibilities and large web store are selling points for budget-minded patrons.

Russian-American immigrant Rose Blumkin started Nebraska Furniture Mart in 1937. Based in Omaha, the retailer now has four stores and over 250,000 products. Nebraska Furniture Mart has gained success by offering a huge variety of items at the lowest price possible.

IKEA vs. Nebraska Furniture Mart: Locations

Nebraska Furniture Mart boasts its Dallas-Fort Worth location as the largest home furnishing store in the country. However, with only four showrooms plus one outlet dotted across the Midwest and Texas, the brand has a much smaller reach than IKEA. Distant shoppers may have to visit the website and think about delivery.

IKEA is an international company with 45 stores in the U.S. Usually found in a major city or shopping area, each location is unique. For those who live nearby, an IKEA showroom is worth a visit.


Famous for a broad selection, both IKEA and Nebraska Furniture Mart sell home decor and furnishings to complete any room. However, the latter has a large section of electronics. Items include:

  • Home appliances like dishwashers and clothes dryers
  • Entertainment devices such as TVs as well as stereos
  • Computers, tablets, and other electronics

While IKEA offers some of these gadgets, its range is limited in comparison to Nebraska Furniture Mart. However, IKEA is known for its wide range of housewares and household needs, including cooking, serving, and dining pieces, kitchen items, linens, lighting, cleaning products and even food.


The biggest difference between IKEA and Nebraska Furniture Mart is aesthetic. IKEA is one of the leading names in modern decor and Scandanavian style. Those interested in clean lines and a minimalist design will feel right at home. Conversely, Nebraska Furniture Mart features a broad range of styles ranging from traditional to eclectic.


Nebraska Furniture Mart offers a one-year warranty to cover factory defects and repair problems. Shoppers can also add fabric, wood, leather, and mattress protection to their purchases. IKEA includes warranties at no extra cost on many of its products, including cookware, sofas, and more.

Comparing policies for similar items from IKEA vs. Nebraska Furniture Mart may help you decide which option benefits you.

The Big Decision: IKEA or Nebraska Furniture Mart?

Locations, products, and styles are the main differences between IKEA and Nebraska Furniture Mart. If you’re looking for trendy, affordable pieces, IKEA wins. The brand’s modular style gives homes a fresh, contemporary look. Competitive shipping prices and self-assembly allow you to shop for bargains regardless of your location.

However, customers on the fence about designs or colors should consider Nebraska Furniture Mart. Each shop holds a huge inventory and often sells furniture at a price just barely over cost. To check out items in-store, these massive locations are well worth the drive.