IKEA vs. World Market

What’s the Difference?

Deciding to Buy from IKEA vs. World Market

When searching for furniture, where you shop is almost as important as what you purchase. With so many places to visit, people often wonder how similar brands stack up against each other. For example, while both stores are popular, IKEA and World Market have diverse product lines that draw different people.

IKEA World Market
Locations 450 + locations worldwide, 50 + stores in the U.S. Over 250 stores in the U.S. only
Delivery Small order shipping and in-home delivery available starting at a fixed rate Shipping takes 8 to 14 business days with delivery by appointment
Warranty 5- to 25-year limited arranties on select products 60-day return policy for qualifying items
Selection Living, dining and bedroom furniture, appliances, food, decor & patio items Sofas, dining sets, clothing, jewelry, foods, outdoor sets and decor
Styles Modern, minimalist, Scandinavian Eclectic, mid-century, bohemian, etc.

About Stores & Locations


IKEA is a Swedish retailer that sells easy-to-assemble indoor and outdoor furniture. Founded in 1953, the brand began as a mail order catalog business and now has thousands of furniture options available in-store and online worldwide. The retailer operates in over 400 cities around the globe, with around 50 locations in the United States.

World Market

World Market focuses on imported furniture, decor and food. The first shop opened in San Francisco in 1958, but today there are more than 250 locations across the U.S. The brand only serves select areas within the country but offers a selection of globally inspired and imported furniture and decor.

Philosophy and Pricing

IKEA appeals to those looking for modern, eco-conscious furnishings that simplify home life. World Market provides imported goods throughout the U.S., featuring styles from around the world to make customers’ homes feel and look unique to them. Both retailers offer inexpensive furniture and decor, making it easy to decorate on a budget.


Style is the key difference when comparing IKEA and World Market. The pieces at IKEA have a clean, minimalist design. World Market furniture has a more global, varied look. Many of its home accents feature intricate patterns and vivid colors, leaning toward eclectic, mid-century modern and bohemian decor.

Indoor & Outdoor Selection


From kitchen appliances to bedroom sets, IKEA sells a variety of furniture and home goods. The retailer is a one-stop shop for many essentials, including living room, dining and home office furniture. Customers can also find an assortment of food items as well as outdoor furniture and accents such as:

  • Sofas and sectionals
  • Bistro sets
  • Benches
  • Garden and grilling accessories
  • Umbrellas and gazebos

World Market

From leather loveseats to modular outdoor sofas and wicker accent tables, World Market has a creative assortment of indoor and outdoor furnishings. Accents, including chandeliers, wall art, toss pillows and area rugs, often reflect the brands’ global style. Clothing, jewelry and international food items join the list of this brand’s eclectic home and patio selections. You can also find:

  • Adirondack chairs
  • Planters
  • Umbrellas and stands
  • Picnic accessories
  • Outdoor collections

Returns & Warranties


IKEA gives shoppers their money back when they return purchases within one year. Many products come with limited warranties to repair or replace damaged goods. These warranties span five to 25 years for items like bathroom fixtures, mattresses, appliances, sofas and other furniture and accessories.

World Market

Working with ever-changing global vendors, World Market does not have a general warranty policy. The store allows 60 days for regular returns that qualify. Shoppers may return items online, by mail or to the store. Depending on the status of the return or condition of the item, the store may adjust prices or provide store credit.


Shipping and delivery through IKEA start at a fixed rate. The retailer offers in-home delivery for larger furnishings and ships worldwide. World Market ships most items from a warehouse and can take eight to fourteen business days to reach the customer, depending on their location. Some areas offer at-home delivery by appointment only.

IKEA or World Market?

Customers researching IKEA or World Market should focus on the companies’ selections. IKEA is a smart pick for modern, eco-friendly furniture you can assemble yourself. Those who enjoy handcrafted, artisanal pieces for the home or patio may enjoy shopping at World Market.