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History of La-Z-Boy Furniture

Since its founding in 1927, La-Z-Boy has taken pride in making quality furniture. The company began by selling recliners but has branched out to offer an array of styles and designs. Committed to craftsmanship and selection, La-Z-Boy has become one of America’s most popular furniture brands.

Although La-Z-Boy built a reputation among the best furniture manufacturers for reclining chairs, the store also produces well-made sofas, loveseats, and more. These offerings have helped La-Z-Boy grow to compete with other top furniture brands.

In addition to items La-Z-Boy designs in-house, the retailer also features high-quality furniture brands like American Drew, England Furniture, and Hammary Furniture. This helps to further round out the company’s bedroom and dining room collections.

La-Z-Boy’s signature line of recliners ranges from $400 to $3000. Depending on features and materials, sofas and sectionals can cost from $700 to $4,000. The brand’s sale events are the best time to buy furniture for a bargain.

Shoppers can find the company’s stores across the country. Broad availability and a strong web presence make La-Z-Boy one of the best places to buy furniture online or in person.

Where is La-Z-Boy Furniture Made?

Owned and operated in the United States, La-Z-Boy strives to provide jobs for American workers. The company has manufacturing plants across the country, including factories in Missouri, California, and Tennessee. Thanks to this retailer’s national presence, customers can get handcrafted, custom pieces nationwide.

La-Z-Boy Furniture Quality

A commitment to high-quality furniture is evident in every product sold by La-Z-Boy. Durable upholstery, premium fiber filling, and sturdy support frames help these furnishings last for years. The store’s goal is to create products that meet and exceed industry standards.

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