Restoration Hardware vs. Pottery Barn

What’s the Difference?

Restoration Hardware and Pottery Barn are high-end indoor and outdoor furniture retailers. Both brands have distinct designs and visions, attracting those who love style and quality. Considering the differences between Restoration Hardware and Pottery Barn can help you decide which brand appeals most to your furniture shopping preferences.

Restoration Hardware Pottery Barn
Locations Over 70 galleries and 30 outlet stores in the U.S. & Canada 100 + in the U.S., Puerto Rico, Philippines & Australia
Delivery Standard shipping & in-home delivery with assembly available at a flat rate Standard shipping, in-store pickup, & doorstep or in-home delivery available
Returns 30-day return and/or exchange policy 30-day return and/or exchange policy
Selection Living, dining & bedroom, bathroom, home decor, outdoor sets & accessories Living, dining & bedroom, bathroom, storage, decor, seasonal, outdoor & garden
Styles Modern, contemporary, rustic, glam, industrial, etc. Modern, minimalist, farmhouse, contemporary, cottage, etc.


Both retailers have showrooms and outlet stores across the country that let shoppers try out furniture before buying it. Restoration Hardware and Pottery Barn also have online catalogs where customers can browse collections or create custom furnishings for a unique, personalized look. Knowing which store is closest to you may be an important factor if you prefer to shop in person.

Restoration Hardware

Founded in 1979 in California, Restoration Hardware has over 70 galleries and 30 outlet stores across the U.S. and Canada. Most RH locations are in the south and along the west coast, though there are some retailers in the Midwest, Mid-Atlantic and New England regions as well. People can also visit the brand’s child furniture galleries if they want a store that exclusively offers kids decor products.

Pottery Barn

Also based in California, Pottery Barn operates under Williams-Sonoma, another respected home goods brand with several subsidiaries. Currently, there are more than 100 Pottery Barn retail locations in the U.S., Puerto Rico, the Philippines, and Australia. Customers can also visit specialty stores offering exclusive furniture for specific categories.

Warranties and Returns

Restoration Hardware and Pottery Barn accept returns and exchanges on most stock items within one month of purchase, excluding special and customized orders. To make a return, customers must have the original receipt. Warranties from these brands cover a limited range of items and generally only apply to factory defects and shipping damage. Warranty length and options vary by product.


Shipping costs for Restoration Hardware vs. Pottery Barn depend on location and total cost of your purchase. For an additional fee, customers can take advantage of each brand’s white glove delivery service to make bringing home and setting up their furnishings easier. Custom products from either company usually take longer to arrive.

Restoration Hardware

RH has standard and rush delivery for most stock products. For larger orders, customers can choose unlimited furniture delivery and pay a flat rate for several orders shipping to a single address. Restoration Hardware’s in-home delivery service includes inspection and assembly for many items, as well.

Pottery Barn

Small items from Pottery Barn ship via USPS or UPS at a standard rate, though there may be an additional charge for next-day shipping. Customers can select the brand’s white glove delivery service for in-home assembly or choose between doorstep delivery and in-store pickup. Like RH, Pottery Barn offers flat rate shipping for customers purchasing many items at once.


Although both stores provide indoor and outdoor furniture featuring the latest, cutting-edge styles, products from Restoration Hardware and Pottery Barn have a signature look that showcases their brand’s chic tastes. Compare the fashionable offerings at each retailer to determine which store has the stylish pieces you’re looking for.

Restoration Hardware

RH home and patio decor has a modern yet rugged edge. Many of their furniture sets and pieces have a high-end appearance that comeplements modern, rustic, industrial and glamorous tastes. Restoration Hardware’s in-house design team also collaborates with artisans to produce a selection of chic fixtures to suit a contemporary aesthetic.

Pottery Barn

Pottery Barn offers a little more variety in terms of the casual furnishings in its catalog. From rustic farmhouse to Scandinavian chic, the brand has a range of styles for shoppers to choose from. You can also find cottage, contemporary, minimalist and bohemian designs at this retailer. Most decor items have a subtle, shapely design with interesting textures and fine details.

Indoor & Outdoor Selections

Customers who shop at Restoration Hardware or Pottery Barn can find many of the same furniture types, from living room sets to individual pieces for the bedroom and bath. Both retailers also have large selections of decor items, art, rugs and light fixtures. Outdoor furnishings from these brands vary slightly but generally include:

  • Lounge and dining sets
  • Umbrellas
  • Firepits and heaters
  • Planters and gardening accessories
  • Patio lighting
  • Outdoor rugs
  • Towels and pillows

Special Services

Since the brands target the same upscale furniture buyers, Restoration Hardware and Pottery Barn offer similar premium services. Choosing either of these brands gives you access to special deals and financing through a company credit card. Both retailers also offer in-home consultations with professional designers to ensure shoppers achieve the gorgeous look they’re going for.

Restoration Hardware or Pottery Barn

Because the brands are fairly similar, noting the few differences between RH and Pottery Barn can make choosing your favorite store easier. For stylish, well-made furniture and helpful amenities, either retailer is a great choice when decorating your home and patio. Spend time browsing style selections to get a feel for which brand’s aesthetic best complements your own.