Stanley Furniture

Stanley Furniture, now known as Hg Holdings Inc., has provided customers with high-quality home decor for nearly 100 years. The North Carolina company specializes in traditional and contemporary wood furniture for bedrooms, home offices, living rooms and dining rooms. Stanley Furniture shoppers remain loyal to the brand thanks to its long history of superior durability and style.

Where is Stanley Furniture Made?

The company has factories in North Carolina, Virginia and Vietnam. Shoppers can find Stanley Furniture products at authorized retailers across the United States. However, most of their sales occur online. The brand relies on a variety of sellers and distributors to get its products to customers.

Stanley Furniture Quality

This brand uses top-rated materials and construction methods to deliver exceptional products to consumers. Durable solid wood, high-grade fabrics and reliable metal hardware are the hallmarks of Stanley Furniture. Though these premium pieces often come with a high price tag, many customers are willing to pay for superb quality and longevity.

Stanley Furniture Types

Stanley Furniture items feature classic designs with an updated spin. Their dining and accent tables include elegant wood finishes while intricate details adorn their bedroom pieces. Contemporary touches like clean lines and neutral hues are also staples of the brand’s living room sets. Whether you’re looking for elegance, sophistication or a blend of the two, Stanley Furniture delivers.