Design Ideas for Boho Patios

More than any other design style, boho is about attitude – namely relaxed, casual and eclectic with a touch of quirky whimsy. Pulling together this look for a patio, deck or garden can be rewarding and fun.

Bohemian backyard designs

With boho chic style – more is more. Layer colors, textures and patterns to capture the bohemian spirit.

Natural Foundations

Natural materials play a big part in this style and are easy to come by in outdoor furnishings. Go for wood tables, chairs or benches in natural finishes. Rattan and wicker add appealing natural texture and work well in this design motif. To keep things lively, be sure to top them with boldly patterned cushions and pillows.

Billowy Beauty

Flowy elements add a carefree nature to your space, but are hard to come by in outdoor textiles. Try hanging billowy curtains on your gazebo or drape flowy swaths across a pergola to capture the breezy, undulating aesthetic. Your space will feel extra cozy while adding dappled shade for relief on hot, sunny days.

Hang a simple canvas or mesh hammock paired with patterned cushions for a jaunty accent and an airy spot to relax.

boho patio curtains

Daybeds can capture the inventive quality of this theme. If you can’t find an outdoor daybed that you love, configure a roomy u-shaped sectional as a lavish spot to lounge.

Bold Patterns, Bright Colors an Unexpected Details

boho porch

Unexpected and unusual elements add extra oomph. Position a rattan egg chair on your porch for a breezy spot to curl up with a book. Add poufs and oversized pillows to the layout for relaxed comfort seating.

orange ikat outdoor rug bold black and white outdoor rug blue and gray ikat outdoor rug

Indoor/Outdoor Rugs offer the perfect opportunity for adding color and pattern to your space. Layer rugs with different sized patterns in complementary color profiles. Mix bold geometrics with the organic feel of distressed ikat or Persian rug design. Artfully askew floral prints overlapped upon stripes, tribal set off against Moroccan, the combinations are endless. And this is an easy way to cover a large area utilizing an assortment of rugs both new and old.

Mix and Match Patio Pieces

Vintage patio pieces (or vintage inspired) always work well in a boho design offering the character and charm of bygone days. Look for embellishing extras like fringe and tassels on pillows and rugs. If you are creating a boho retreat for a special occasion, you don’t need to stick to using only outdoor pieces. Repurpose vintage chaises, sofas and even armchairs placed upon an assortment of rugs for a special occasion. Just be sure to bring pieces back inside so that weather and even overnight dew doesn’t cause any damage.

boho wicker patio seating

colorful patterned outdoor pillow blue and white outdoor pillow rust colored outdoor pillow

If you already have much of your patio or porch furnished, consider picking up a piece or two from an antique or resale shop to mix in with your current assortment. Swap patio chairs and tables from currently matching sets to create mix and match sets throughout your yard. This theme can accommodate nearly all styles of furnishings. Whether you have low, boxy modern pieces or plush, ornate traditional seating simply adorn them with a plethora of contrasting pillows to create a cozy and inviting space. Flank the seating with poufs, ottomans, and an assortment of accent tables, stools and plant stands. Repurposed wood elements add a natural, lived in touch.

Embellish with Extras

blue and white Moroccan outdoor rug wicker sectional with patterned pillow and throw blue and white woven wicker outdoor side table

Extra details like baskets and patterned throws, wall hangings and sculptures present additional opportunities to fill your space with color, texture and personality. Remember that the boho vibe is all about using every bit of your space, don’t skimp or scrimp with accessories or details. If you love it, add it to the eclectic mix.

bronze metal patio lantern blue outdoor paper lantern

Light up Your Night

Patio lighting adds mystique to any yard. A boho space is no different. Dust the space with fairy lights or string lights and sprinkle in candles for a magical feel in the evenings. Surround the space with torches or lanterns to add captivating allure. A backyard heat source like a fire ring, fire pit or chimenea will add warmth and dancing light in the evening as well. For a decorated porch or deck with a permanent roofline, hang and ornate chandelier – go with vintage here if you can for extra effect.

bohemian outdoor dining area

Beautiful Boho Backyard

Whether as a permanent design layout or a temporary spot hang out with friends, boho designs are well suited to backyard living. Pulling together an eclectic assortment of your favorite colors and patterns can create the patio retreat you are craving — forming a space with a relaxed and casual vibe or lively and effervescent. So get inspired by searching boho chic images. Start pairing unexpected pieces and layering in several contrasting patterns. Before you know it you’ll have the beginnings of a brand new style that is uniquely your own.