Choosing Furniture for Your Deck

Deck Furniture Ideas

White seating set with gray cushions

For some people, the back deck doubles as a spot to cook out and have al fresco meals with the family. Others view their deck as an outdoor oasis where they can kick back and enjoy some peace and quiet while sipping cocktails and soaking up the sun. However you like to spend your time outside, buying the right furniture for your deck is essential to the comfort and functionality of the space.


When it comes to decorating your deck, the first step in the process is deciding how you want to use the area. From there, you can select deck furniture that suits that purpose and fits your layout. Check out this post for suggestions on:

White 4 piece seating set on a deck

With the right furniture, you can transform your deck into the perfect outdoor hangout spot.

Ideas for Decorating a Deck

Asking yourself, “What’s the best thing to put on a deck?” The answer depends on how you plan to enjoy the space. Do you intend to host fun backyard barbecues and lively outdoor parties for kids and large groups, or are you hoping to create a cozy spot for chatting with relatives and spending romantic evenings under the stars with your partner?

Once you answer these questions, you can prioritize outdoor deck furniture like:

5 pc sand patio dining set

When decorating your deck, think about how you want the space to function.

Your deck dimensions play an important role in your deck decorating ideas as well. People with larger outdoor floor plans may be able to establish multiple relaxation stations on their decks. Meanwhile, those wondering how to decorate a small deck will need to scale down their design ideas and select space-saving furniture that fits the limited layout and suits their needs.

After you’ve decided how you want to utilize your deck, measure the space to determine how much room you have for deck furniture and decor. Be sure to account for staple items like built-in benches and above-ground deck pools. If you’re working with a unique round, octagonal or L-shaped deck, find the dimensions of each section to get an accurate measurement.

Light wood 3 piece bistro set

Prioritize functional, well-fitting pieces when coming up with deck furniture ideas.

Choosing Outdoor Deck Furniture

After you decide what you want to use your deck for and figure out how much room you have to accomplish that goal, it’s time to select deck furniture that fulfills your chosen purpose and fits your layout. Consider decorating your deck with some of the following pieces based on the needs of your space.

Deck Seating

A comfortable patio sofa or sectional is essential when furnishing a communal deck-top hangout. Large seven-, eight– and nine-piece sectionals with curved, L-shaped or U-shaped frames are perfect for accommodating large groups on a spacious, wrap-around deck. On the other hand, a two-piece sectional or a compact sofa or loveseat works well for smaller condo and apartment decks.

Catalina Natural outdoor seating set on grass

Use sofas and sectional sets to establish a cozy deck-top seating area for outdoor get-togethers.

Patio chairs can either complement the larger seats on your deck or stand alone as comfortable spots to relax and take in the view of your backyard. Frame your sofa with a pair of wicker, teak or wrought iron club chairs that coordinate with your other deck furniture. You could also use a collection of high-back glider seats and adjustable Adirondack chairs to establish a chic deck-top seating area.

Want to create a relaxing sunbathing or stargazing area on your deck? Consider decorating your setup with outdoor chaise lounges. Place armless or sling-style chaises on your deck to create a designated spot for soaking up the sun. To save on outdoor floor space, choose folding or stackable chaise lounges that you can put away between uses.

Wicker chaise lounges on deck

Chaises can help make a lounge area feel even more relaxing.

Dining Essentials for Your Deck

When it comes to outfitting your deck with a dining area, you have several options to choose from. A wooden picnic table with attached bench seats might be the perfect space-saving solution for a compact, casual-style deck. On the other hand, a three-, four– or even nine-piece dining arrangement might work better if you’re working with a roomier setup or going for a more formal look.

A sleek cast aluminum bar set with adjustable stools or a compact round or square bistro set can also work well in a limited layout or a multipurpose setup that features both seating and dining areas. Place one of these sets near your outdoor barbecue pit or arrange one near your back door so it’s easy to bring meals from the kitchen to your outdoor table.

Teak bar height table with gray wicker bar stools

If you want to follow the typical indoor dining measurements, leave at least 36 inches between your table and the wall or deck railing.

Selecting Outdoor Deck Decor

Once you have the most important pieces picked out, it’s time to put the finishing touch on your layout using deck decor. During this portion of the decorating process, be sure to stick to practical outdoor accessories in styles, materials, colors and finishes that make your deck cozier and suit the theme of your space. Round out your deck design with items like:

3 pc brown patio sectional

Image of a lamp and a seating set

Personalize your deck design with stylish and practical outdoor decor.

Now that you understand how to decorate a back deck, you can get your outdoor design project underway. Use this handy guide for inspiration as you figure out how you want to use your deck, how much room you have to work with, and what deck furniture you need to create the comfortable and chic setup of your dreams.