Nature-Inspired Home Decor

Bringing What You Like About the Outdoors Inside

As designers and homeowners reinvent popular decorating trends and draw inspiration from the world around them, more and more homes feature nature-inspired decor. With this design, stylists are given the opportunity to bring natural, organic elements, like dazzling green furniture and intricate textures, into their homes, effortlessly breathing life into any space.

Nature-Inspired Colors

When planning to bring the outdoors inside to complete your home decor, think about your favorite aspects of nature. Is it the warm, golden rays of sunshine or the light greens and pinks that signal the start of springtime? Do you feel at peace when picturing the deep reds and flashy oranges of a tropical retreat to the islands? Start with the elements that make you happiest by integrating your preferred colors into every room of the home.

Animal prints and floral patterns are perfect additions to natural-inspired home decor because they are colorful and adventurous. These design accents are typically available in multiple shades or tone-on-tone options. Keep them in mind when decorating bedrooms and other intimate spaces. Nothing pops quite like a floral duvet and nothing ties a room together like an animal print rug.

Bringing Life to Your Space

What better way to incorporate nature into your design scheme than with live plants? Low maintenance succulents and cacti add a simple, natural feel to rooms, while fresh flowers in an unadorned vase offer a hint of subtle, yet cheerful color. Accessories like these are interchangeable. For a fresh look, you can switch up the plants or pots you’re displaying them in.

You can also add pops of color and personal flair to living rooms by adorning fireplace mantels with decorative wall art, favorite trinkets or stylish accessories. Pictures of birds, mountains or beaches are well suited to nature-inspired homes, as are wicker baskets or seashells.

Natural Textures and Layers

When playing with textural elements in nature-inspired home decor, consider decorating with layered fabrics that mimic the thickness of tree bark, overgrown grass or the fluidity of ocean waves. Woven sofas, wool shag rugs and canvas lampshades all offer different textures that are soft to the touch and attractive in living rooms and bedrooms. A major point of nature-inspired design is to replicate that same comfort and peacefulness that outdoor environments provide effortlessly. By styling your space with cozy and complex textures, you can transform any room into a Mother Nature approved sanctuary.


Let in natural light or include an outdoorsy fireplace in your living room to add some essential warmth to your home. Use translucent curtains, skylights or sun tunnels to allow for streaming sunlight during the day and include rustic floor lamps with soft yellow light and tree bark-inspired stands to light up your home at dusk. In dining rooms, hanging an eye-catching, nature-inspired chandelier from the ceiling can bring the woodsy charm of picnicking to every meal without the hassle of pesky bugs.

Wood & Suede in Natural-Inspired Home Decor

To truly capture the essence of nature-inspired decor, homeowners should utilize wooden and suede furniture. Dark stained coffee tables or light oak dining sets have earthy appeal and are especially great for decorating on a budget. Natural wood decor also appeals to minimalist designers, as this furniture comes without frills or expensive adornments. At the same time, these items are versatile and can be easily dressed up with lavish accent pieces, like tropical-colored glass vases or earthy green table runners.

Suede sectionals, loveseats and accent chairs are rustic and homey, offering a comfortable place to rest. Choose a simple color or pattern for these pieces, as they will outlive the rest of your furniture and need to fit with changing trends. Nature-inspired shades and prints commonly include tan, sky blue, floral and paisley.

Additional Decorating Tips

There are myriad ways to incorporate shades and textures of nature into your home. Make your master bedroom stand out with a rug in natural stone hues. Add throw pillows to your sofa that flaunt faux fur or feathers. Use weathered and distressed chairs and benches in your dining room, which harmonize effortlessly with natural home decor. It’s so easy to incorporate nature into your design, and decorating to reflect natural motifs can brighten and liven a home. With key aspects of this theme being comfort, warmth and tranquility, natural-inspired decor has become a favorite design in today’s homes.