How to Have a Staycation in Your Own Backyard

Got cabin fever? Missing that chance to get away somewhere tropical or woodsy this summer? Here are some ideas for making the most of your own space and creating a getaway in your own back yard before the summer is through.

tropical resort with pool

Bring Home the Tropics

Pick up some some chaise lounges and imagine you are soaking in the sun pool side or on the beach. Add some lush new plants to give your deck a tropical feel. Up the pampering with a generously sized shade umbrella and a tropical drink. Look for island prints on toss pillows and outdoor rugs. Hang an exotic wall piece to complete the look.

Create an Outdoor Room

Create the intimate feel of a room by draping a fabric canopy and curtains over a pergola or gazebo frame. By creating a billowy outdoor roof and walls you will create shade by day and privacy by night. The movement of the draped fabric transports you to starry tropical nights and gives your backyard a high-end weekend-spa like feel. Pergolas create the perfect outdoor conversation area, or can be used as a privacy screen for a hot tub.

Have a Rustic Retreat

Missing the mountains or camping? Go for rustic, wood outdoor dining table or old-school unfinished wood picnic table. Top it with candles and lanterns for evening dining and late night conversation. Toss a blanket on the grass and have a mid-day picnic. And for a real feeling of a getaway, set up the tent in the back yard and sleep under the stars. Outdoor enthusiasts will want to cook their diner on the grill or over a fire, glampers will prefer to use the convenience of indoor amenities. But either way, don’t forget to roast marshmallows over a fire pit while telling late night stories or singing songs.

Set a Transforming Mood

Whether you plop some comfy comfy poufs and pillows atop a patio rug and litter the space with string lights and lanterns or set up an outdoor movie night in your back yard, creating special moments with family or close friends is what vacations are all about.

With a little creativity, repurposing of indoor furnishings and possibly redirecting unused vacation savings toward new patio furniture you can create a refreshed feel in your backyard that can capture some of the beauty, relaxation, wonder and memories of a summer vacation.