Choosing Outdoor Adirondack Chairs for Your Patio

Adirondack chair with throw blanket

What Are Adirondack Chairs?

If you’re going for a charming, casual look on your relaxing patio or porch, Adirondack chairs could be the perfect addition to the space. Tilted, angular frames, sturdy materials and a range of unique designs and finishes allow these seats to complement almost any setup or style and take your outdoor leisure time to the next level.


Check out this post to learn more about how Adirondack chairs can upgrade your outdoor oasis, including:

Blue Adirondack chair set with side table

Learning about Adirondack chairs can help you determine the best way to introduce them into your current outdoor design.

What Defines an Adirondack Chair?

An Adirondack chair is a type of low-profile outdoor lounge chair. Wide arm rests and tall, slatted and sometimes curved backs give these pieces their roomy, lounge-worthy appeal, while the angular seat that’s higher in front and lower to the ground in the back makes it easy to kick back, settle in and enjoy the peace and tranquility of your breezy backyard hangout.

What is Another Name for an Adirondack Chair?

Adirondack chairs go by many names, almost all of which relate to relaxing vacations and rejuvenating getaways in nature. For example, the Adirondack chair got its name from the Adirondack mountain range in New York because they were prevalent at health spas in that area. Depending on where you live, you might also hear some people refer to these chairs as:

  • Westpoint Plank Chairs: Named for the city in New York where the Adirondack chair design originated from
  • Muskoka Chair: Named after an Ontario, Canada municipality with several wooded areas and summer vacation cottages
  • Laurentian Chair: Named for a well-known getaway region in Quebec

Tan Adirondack chair

Although Adirondack chairs go by many names, nearly everyone associates them with laid-back, relaxing locales.

Where to Place Adirondack Chairs

An Adirondack chair’s angular, slanted design allows you to sit upright when facing down a steep hill, a sand dune or other uneven terrain. Because of this, you often see them in grassy backyards with sloped landscapes or find portable, folding Adirondack chairs that you can take to the beach. However, you can also use these seats on a balcony, enclosed patio or porch.

If you’re decorating a wooden back deck or concrete apartment patio, you might consider creating a four-piece conversation set using three Adirondack chairs and a low-profile chat table. For an even cozier feel, arrange five or six seats around a wood or gas-burning fire pit. You could even place two Adirondack chairs side-by-side to establish a comfy spot for watching the sunset with your partner.

outdoor oasis

Furnish any part of your patio with comfortable Adirondack chairs.

Types of Adirondack Chairs

Because of their slanted design, many people wonder, “Are Adirondack chairs easy to get out of and into?” Again, the angular design allows you to settle into these chairs with ease. Depending on the types of Adirondack chairs you choose when buying patio furniture, getting out of these seats can be a breeze, too.

Generally speaking, Adirondack chairs with swivel and glider bases tend to have more of an upright design, so it’s easier to stand straight up after sitting and swaying in the seat all day. An adjustable option lets you increase the incline and lay back as you would on an adjustable chaise lounge or tilt the seat forward so you can get out of the chair more easily.

Tan Adirondack chair next to a pool

Depending on its design, a poolside Adirondack chair can double as a reclining tanning spot or a tall lifeguard lookout chair.

Even standard Adirondack chairs might feature some attachments and design elements that can enhance your comfort and make it easier to get into and out of the seat. For example:

  • Many extra tall and high-back bar stools with Adirondack chair designs have a lower footrest that you can step on to climb into or out of the seat.
  • Like gliders, high-back outdoor rocking chairs in this style also tend to have less of an incline, and the sway can propel you slightly forward when you want to stand up.
  • Along with letting you prop your feet up and catch a quick outdoor nap, an Adirondack chair with an ottoman can give you a little more space and leverage to scoot forward and push off when you want to stand.
  • Something as simple as a fluffy seat cushion or bolster pillow can give you the extra height you need to get up from your Adirondack chair more easily.

Set of 2 brown adirondack chairs

Adirondack chairs come in several designs, so it’s easy to find one that suits the dimensions and comfort needs of your space.

What are Adirondack Chairs Made Of?

When most people think of a classic Adirondack chair, they visualize a rustic chair with teak or wooden construction. Although these seats are a staple of many rustic-style spaces, they come in various styles and materials to suit any aesthetic. Lumbar-like POLYWOOD Adirondack chairs are a sustainable, zero-waste option that delivers the same coastal or country look as a wooden seat.

If you want to enhance the elegant or updated appeal of your outdoor staycation spot, consider a contemporary or modern Adirondack chair with a sleek aluminum frame. Going for something a little more kid-friendly? Try a set of plastic Adirondack chairs that can handle scuffs and spills.

Close up photo of wood and plastic Adirondack pieces

Adirondack chairs come in a wide range of wood, metal, plastic and recyclable materials.

Chic and Colorful Adirondack Chair Finishes

You typically see Adirondack chairs with simple brown, black, white or gray finishes that evoke the charming, inviting atmosphere that these seats typically bring to your patio. However, there are also vibrant red, orange, yellow and pink Adirondack chairs that warm up your outdoor color scheme and bring a cheerful, dynamic energy to the space.

To add a calm yet refreshing touch to your outdoor ambiance, consider incorporating a teal, blue or green Adirondack chair into your black-and-white patio palette. For even more contrast, consider some light and dark color pairings, like creating a blue and yellow look using deep navy and sunny yellow seats side-by-side.

Red Adirondack chair with blue pillow

Use Adirondack chairs to add an eye-catching pop of color to your patio palette.

Now that you know about the different design, comfort and style elements of Adirondack chairs, you can start planning ways to work them into your existing patio layout. Maybe you can arrange a few of them around the steel fire ring in your backyard. Perhaps you place a pair of Adirondack chairs outside the pool house so you can kick back and keep an eye on the kids while they swim.

However you decide to set up and use these seats, remember to select models that maximize the relaxing look and feel of the layout and complement your overall style and color scheme.