Cool Your Deck

Fans are a welcome addition to any patio that needs a relaxing breeze. Whether you’re looking for a stylish accent or just wanting to keep air moving, our outdoor fans are an excellent option. With so many different designs and materials, you’re sure to find a patio fan you love.

Pick the Right Outdoor Fan

The best type of fan for an outdoor space depends on your needs. A tabletop fan is portable and blends well with decor but has a limited range. Wall mounted and freestanding models cool a larger area, and ceiling fans reach even farther. For the most powerful cooling effect, try patio fans with wide blades.

Stand Up to Water

Another factor in choosing outdoor fans is their resistance to water damage. Models meant for outside use often have either a damp or wet rating. Damp-rated pieces are great for covered areas like sunrooms and porches. Wet-rated patio fans work well by pools or other spaces exposed to the elements.