Need a privacy screen for your backyard or a side awning for the deck? Wind blockers are a quick and easy way to make sitting out on the patio or sharing brunch with friends more comfortable. You can choose from an array of multipurpose outdoor wind blockers in different colors, materials and sizes to suit your home and style.

Convenient Uses

Patio wind blockers let you enjoy fresh air and privacy without losing small items to a sudden breeze. After an easy installation process, you can simply pull out a retractable screen to prevent wind gusts from scattering napkins, empty cups or dining utensils across the patio. When you need to get away from it all, you can also create a cool secluded oasis on your deck with dual-panel privacy screens.

Stylish Colors & Shades

Wind blockers come in different colors to complement your decorating style. Choose a brown or beige wind blocker to coordinate with your home’s siding or blend a green privacy screen with your landscaping for a seamless look. Black windscreens look chic with any backyard decor, while a gray wind blocker complements both metal and gray wicker patio furniture.

Quality Materials

For optimal efficiency and practicality, most outdoor wind blockers have aluminum or steel framing with retractable polyester shades that roll neatly out of sight when not in use. Convenient handles allow you to easily expand or retract your privacy screen to block the view or enjoy a light breeze.

Size Selection

Privacy screens and wind blockers come in various sizes with single and multi-panel designs to suit your deck or porch. Consider tall wind blockers as an alternative to privacy fencing, or opt for angled screens to block wind gusts and provide shade on uncovered patios and balconies.