Bringing Home Design Outdoors

The best patio decoration ideas start with finding ways to bring the comforts of home outside. Like any cozy living room, a great deck or patio needs plush seating, handy tabletops, and chic accents in your favorite style. With so many choices, it can help to look through some decor and furniture options.

Our outdoor inspiration pages offer a diverse range of decorating ideas for the patio from arrangement to color schemes. Get inspired to restyle your own space when you browse our variety of design tips for sunrooms, porches, and more.

Inspiration from the Inside Out

Many decorators draw outdoor decorating ideas from both their homes and the natural surroundings. Taking cues from your interior design as well as the shapes and colors of nature creates an effortless flow between the house and garden.

Want to create this kind of graceful outdoor living space? We have the patio inspiration to help.