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Whether you’re hosting a family barbeque or simply enjoying an al fresco lunch, having the right outdoor dining furniture is essential. Choose from a variety of designs to create a welcoming spot to sip drinks or just relax in the company of friends. Browse our selection of patio dining pieces and enjoy all of your backyard gatherings in comfort and style.

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Buying the Perfect Outdoor Dining Furniture

Warm weather and sunshine encourages people to head outdoors to play, relax and visit. By investing in patio dining furniture, you can transform an empty space into an extra room. When shopping, carefully consider material, size and shape as well as style to find the best fit for your yard.

Material and Size

Hardy and durable outdoor dining furniture can include items made from metal, wicker, plastic or wood. Each has its own advantages. If you like to throw large backyard parties or simply want a cozy couples’ space, we have the ideal outdoor dining furniture set to match any design plan. Choose from full patio dining sets for up to eight people or intimate bistro sets for two.

Selecting Design

Outdoor dining furniture provides plenty of style choices. Clean lines deliver modern appeal, wrought iron offers Old World charm, while wood tables tend to be on the rustic side. Also, consider shape. Round tables have a classic look, but counter height tables offer a change of pace from standard patio dining furniture. For ideas and inspiration, shop our full selection on