Outdoor Floor Lamps

Need a versatile lighting solution for late-night dinners and get-togethers? Bring the style and ambiance of your living room outdoors with a patio floor lamp. These tall lamps include LED and solar options and come in many different styles, finishes and materials, making it easy to set the perfect mood for lounging on your deck or sharing a meal.

Decorative Style

Whether your patio furniture has a coastal vibe or a more rustic look, it’s easy to find an outdoor floor lamp that fits your aesthetic. Woven mesh and rattan accents are right at home when paired with wicker furniture on a boho-chic terrace. Meanwhile, the streamlined silhouettes and textured shades on modern floor lamps lend clean contrast to your urban balcony or back deck.

Traditional floor lamps are also timeless additions to your patio. Brighten your conversation area with a classic lamp featuring a decorative carved base. Or, choose a traditional design with a weathered finish to highlight distressed rocking chairs on a shabby chic front porch.

Fabulous Finishes

Find an outdoor floor lamp in a color or finish that works for your patio. Black lamps are versatile and complement other black light fixtures on your home’s exteriors. Other neutrals like gray or off-white pair well with any decor and add plenty of charm to light color palettes. Make a plush sectional or casual dining set feel extra cozy with the warm finishes on bronze outdoor lamps.

Texture and Materials

Patio floor lamps feature high-quality designs made from outdoor-friendly materials. Metal lamps have lightweight frames that are easy to rearrange, and they come in an array of styles to suit your look. For a natural touch, choose wicker lamps that add a unique texture to smooth, sleek layouts featuring metal side tables and wood sofa frames.