On-Demand Lighting

For safety and energy-efficiency outdoors, patio motion sensor lights are a must-have. These units put light just where you need it, activating when they detect movement and turning off when the area is no longer in use.

Patio enthusiasts may want to purchase motion sensor lights for many reasons. Use a few to illuminate activities from bonfires to late-night drinks. Install them on the porch and yard to avoid stumbling over furniture in the dark, to light flowerbeds and walkways, or illuminate your path when your hands are full on the way to the garbage can. Alternately, use outdoor motion sensors as a security measure to ward off night-time critters, trespassers, or would-be burglars.

Types of Motion Sensor Lights

Our outdoor motion sensor selection is extensive. However you use your patio, we carry a lighting solution. Choose from small, discrete designs to slide into a corner, sets of mountable lights for fences and walls, flood lights for larger areas, and much more.

Add motion sensor lighting to illuminate pathways and Outdoor Trash Cans & Recycling Bins