Outdoor Patio Pendants

Outdoor Pendant Lights

Looking for the perfect light fixtures to illuminate your patio? Consider hanging outdoor pendant lights from the rafters of your covered terrace or the ceiling of your enclosed porch. Along with bringing several practical advantages to your space, these pieces come in a wide range of chic and colorful designs to enhance the gorgeous look and comfortable vibe of your layout.

Benefits of Choosing Pendant Lights

If you’re decorating a small outdoor area like a balcony or apartment patio, a pendant light could save you a bit of extra floor space. Lamps that sit atop end tables or stand in the corner of your layout can take up valuable room. Since pendant lights hang from the ceiling, you can brighten up your covered deck or patio while keeping your floors clear.

Another benefit of using overhead pendant lamps is that they let you direct the light where you need it most. Hang one over your outdoor dining table to ensure you and your guests have plenty of visibility during late-night dinners on the patio. You can also place a pendant light over your enclosed porch reading nook so you can see more easily when you curl up with your favorite page-turner.

Pendant Light Shapes

Shop this selection to discover pendant lights in various stylish shapes and sizes. Stick with the tried and true cone or dome-shaped shades with the exposed lightbulb or choose one featuring a geometric cube, orb or prism design to put an eye-catching twist on your patio design. Some outdoor pendant lights even have fun ocean wave and flower petal frames for an on-theme look.

Colorful Pendant Light Shades

This selection also includes several different colorful pendant lights to complement your palette. Along with sleek black, striking white and rich brown pendant lamps that can suit almost any color scheme, you can find lights with red, orange, blue, purple, green, pink and yellow shades. You might also consider lights with multi-colored stained glass and crystal accents for a dazzling effect.