Sconces are a practical and stylish patio accessory that you can mount on an outdoor wall to illuminate your doorways and seating arrangements. Since these light fixtures come in various designs to suit a wide range of decor styles and color palettes, finding sconces that work for your unique patio can be a breeze.

Options for Stylish Patio Sconces

Once you’ve chosen outdoor lounge and dining furniture in your favorite style, tie the look together and cast an ambient glow over the setup using patio sconces with the same design. Outdoor sconces can suit a wide range of chic decor styles, including:

  • Traditional Sconces: Boasting decorative shades, curved frames and frosted glass, traditional sconces lend timeless appeal to formal outdoor seating and dining areas.
  • Modern Sconces: Highlight a low-profile outdoor sofa set by mounting modern-style sconces with sleek and simple metal detailing on either side of the arrangement.
  • Contemporary Sconces: Contemporary sconces have a chic, streamlined look that pairs well with textured surfaces like stucco walls, brick and concrete patios.
  • Rustic Sconces: The robust finishes and antique accents on a set of rustic sconces can lend a touch of charming warmth to a farmhouse-themed front porch or an industrial-style balcony.
  • Nautical Sconces: Want to drive home the maritime theme on your nautical-style terrace? Consider a pair of sconces with a cage design that mimics the look of a ship lantern or sidelight.

Outdoor Sconce Colors and Finishes

When looking for an outdoor sconce in a particular finish, it’s important to choose lights that coordinate with your home’s exterior. Black sconces stand out beautifully on just about any color wall, while white sconces work well against muted cream, tan or stone-gray siding. Bronze sconces have a classic warmth that complements the natural materials of your wooden window frames and doors.

If you’re looking to brighten up your dark navy or hunter green patio palette, a pair of silver sconces could be the perfect option for your space. On the other hand, rich brown light fixtures may be a better pick if you’ve chosen an earth-toned color scheme. Sconces in shades of vibrant red, cool blue and metallic gold are excellent for adding fun color and chic flair to your front porch, deck or terrace.

Placement Ideas for Patio Sconces

Depending on how you like to enjoy your porch, lawn or patio, there are several areas where sconces might come in handy. Mount them on either side of your front door so guests can watch their step as they leave your home after late-night get-togethers. Add sconces to the backyard fence or pool house wall to illuminate your yard as you catch fireflies with the kids or swim a few laps after dark.