Winged Visitors

Invite some new feathered friends to your lawn with an outdoor bird feeder. These functional and decorative pieces are perfect for birdwatching on a sunny day.

Choose a floral design to complement a garden, or hang a patio bird feeder from a shepherd’s hook next to the deck or porch. Browse our collection of saucer, pedestal, and hanging bird feeders to find the best fit for your yard or patio.

Special Features

Keep cardinals, blue jays, and robins coming back for more with a durable, squirrel-proof bird feeder. Models that include metal frames prevent other animals from stealing seeds, ensuring that avian guests always get a meal. For warmer climates, hanging hummingbird feeders dispense nectar to attract these tiny charmers. Best of all, sturdy handles make these outdoor bird feeders easy to hang and refill.

Admire the wildlife from an outdoor Patio Bench