Shopping for a Garden Arbor

Spruce up your backyard with outdoor arbors and trellises. These tall, decorative frames are an easy way to separate portions of a yard or embellish a gated entrance. Whether your patio decor is distressed wood, rich wrought iron, or durable vinyl, our online store has the perfect garden arbor to match.

Showcase, Protect, and Grow Your Plants

Garden or patio arbors are a beautiful addition for those with a green thumb. Pick a design with latticework, so garden flowers can climb up the sides. The right outdoor arbor may provide shade for planted herbs or make an ideal place to hang some potted ferns.

Outdoor Photo Ops

Whether it’s for a birthday, graduation, an anniversary, families love to take photographs under a beautiful garden arbor. We offer ornate, Victorian-styled arches that make for a gorgeous backdrop. To stick to an all-wood theme, shop for one of our a hardwood garden arbors.

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