Adding a bit of elegance to your patio is as simple as putting in a garden trellis. When fresh flowers or lush vines adorn a wall of your home or frame a path to backyard, they instantly transform an outdoor space from simply cozy to a beautiful spot for relaxing.

Material Matters

The look of your patio trellis should match the rest of the outdoor decor. Want to give off a tailored, modern appearance? Browse our collection of minimalist garden trellises. Is your patio a little more playful? Look for an outdoor trellis with whimsical design elements.

Unique and Chic

When most people imagine a garden trellis, they think of the classic lattice style. But our selection includes so much more. From easy-to-place obelisks that add a decorative accent to eye-catching folding patio trellises that can act as a screen, we have something to suit any taste and need.

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