Fresh flowers, plants and shrubs are the perfect natural accents to liven up your patio decor. Outdoor planters make it easy to display your favorite greenery and add a bit of refreshing color to your deck. Start your collection of planters and beautiful blooms by browsing this selection for options in various materials, colors and styles.

Planter and Garden Box Materials

Outdoor planters can take the form of flower pots, elevated stands, garden boxes or repurposed household items like tin cans, old buckets and bicycle baskets. Your outdoor design style and the type of greenery you intend to grow can help you decide which of the following planter materials would work best for your patio:

  • Ceramic: Ceramic planters are similar to traditional terracotta pots in many ways but have colorful and shiny glazed finishes that help them stand out.
  • Wood: A wooden flower box or planter can enhance the charming appeal of your rustic or farmhouse-style layout.
  • Metal: Line your walkways or frame your deck-top seating area with steel planters with practical stone facades to create a chic modern or cozy cottage-style space.
  • Wicker: Whether you’re planting large leafy palm trees or gorgeous aloe vera plants, a wicker outdoor planter promotes a vibrant, carefree vibe, perfect for a tropical patio layout.
  • Wrought Iron: Beautify your classic-style front porch or the corners of your formal outdoor dining area with flowers in an elegant wrought iron planter.

Colorful Outdoor Planters

Patio planters also come in a wide range of hues to complement your chosen palette. Browse multicolored planters in red, blue and pink to coordinate with the blossoms inside your flower beds. If you prefer to keep your color scheme simple and chic, consider planters in shades of white, gray and black that pair well with metal furniture and monochromatic color palettes.

Earth-toned planters with rich brown and forest green finishes lend an inviting vibe to your space and provide beautiful contrast against the neutral hues on your porch or balcony. Meanwhile, metallic copper, silver and gold garden boxes can reflect natural light, enhance the polished, upscale atmosphere on your patio and help your entire layout feel warmer and more welcoming.

Patio Planter Sizes

Select an outdoor planter that works for the type of greenery you’re planning to grow. Small flower pots are perfect for starter plants and any fresh herbs you want to use in your backyard grilling area. Wide window boxes can accommodate a modest row of perennials, while a larger planter works for those looking to plant tall grass and miniature trees.