Patio Clocks

It’s easy to lose track of time when you’re enjoying the outdoors. Patio clocks keep you on schedule after your morning laps in the pool, while an outdoor timepiece by the grill takes the guesswork out of preparing perfect burgers and steaks. Available in various designs with useful features, outdoor clocks keep you on task after a relaxing gardening session or an afternoon of lounging on the deck.

Digital vs. Analog Outdoor Clocks

Analog clocks offer a look that’s simple and clean, perfect for modern patio layouts and rustic decor alike. Meanwhile, digital patio clocks have backlit numeric displays that you can read at a glance, even after the sun goes down. Both analog and digital outdoor clocks feature durable weatherproof seals, so your new patio timepiece will keep on ticking despite rainstorms or humidity.

Patio Clocks: Special Features

Outdoor clocks can do much more than tell time. Wireless weather stations display temperature, barometric pressure, wind direction, rainfall and relative humidity, too. Some digital outdoor clocks also connect to your home WiFi to give you the week’s weather forecast. Best of all, most patio clocks run on batteries, so you can install them easily in a convenient spot on the deck or porch.