Catch some colorful rays with an outdoor suncatcher. Select from a variety of sizes, shapes and hues to complement your existing decor. Made from stained glass, crystal and other all-weather materials, these prisms and glass panels dazzle even on overcast afternoons. Shop our selection of patio suncatchers to accent your windows, pool or deck.


Catching Rays

Patios are perfect for basking in the sun on the weekends or lazy summer days. But what if you could harness the sunshine to highlight your decor? With changing shafts of colored light and rainbow prisms to delight the whole family, suncatchers are always in style.

Hanging a suncatcher in the window overlooking your backyard makes for a wonderful display both inside and out. For bold, eye-catching statement pieces, choose from our eclectic array of patio suncatchers to accent areas around pools, porches, and decks.

Sunning in Style

Like any accessory, an outdoor suncatcher on the patio should complement your design. To truly enhance your garden space, look for classic stained glass suncatchers, art deco panels, or gorgeous prisms.