Outdoor Thermometers

Whether you’re going for a quick swim or preparing your fire pit, a patio thermometer is a handy way to know when to cool down or heat things up. Browse our wide range of digital and analog designs to find the one that suits your needs. A convenient addition to your deck or patio, outdoor thermometers help make the most of your pool, grill, fire table and other deck accessories.


Accurate Readings

Outdoor thermometers are a good investment for areas where sudden weather changes or microclimates are common. Instead of checking your phone for conditions in the nearest city, you’ll know the temperature right outside your door. With so many types to choose from, our patio thermometers are a fun and functional addition to your porch or deck.

Thermometer Designs

We offer pieces with a variety of features like clocks, barometers, and hygrometers. Use a basic patio thermometer or wireless weather station by the pool on cloudy days to keep track of incoming rainstorms. For those who like a vintage look, a brass or bronze outdoor thermometer is great for your patio decor.