Make the Most of Your Space

Making your patio into a useful outdoor room means having the same conveniences that you are used to inside. Often functioning as a dining room, bar, pool, and lounge all in one, having end tables to go with your back yard seating areas makes your space all the more comfortable and usable. Our broad selection of outdoor end tables offers furniture in many shapes and sizes to turn any corner into a great spot for storage or display.

Decorating with Patio End Tables

Place an end table between two chairs to make a cozy conversation area. Alternately, create a charming indoor-to-outdoor transition by setting a decorated end table on either side of a patio door. Pieces with storage compartments are also a great spot to keep odds and ends for the garden, pool, or grill.

Outdoor End Table Styles and Materials

Whether you’re looking for teak, wicker, plastic, or something else, we have the perfect patio end table for your lifestyle. Select a wood table with drawers to stay functional and classic or go modern with an open metal frame and clean lines. With quality construction and durable all-weather materials, our outdoor end tables can withstand harsh weather conditions and still look gorgeous.

Use end tables with your Patio Loveseat

Picture of an outdoor end table.
Metropolis End Table