Outdoor picnic tables are for more than parks and playgrounds. Ideal for summer celebrations, these classic bench and table sets let you reconnect with loved ones while sharing meals and fun. A rustic wood picnic table on the patio provides comfy seating for barbecues, while the kids can enjoy countless playdates on a round metal set.

Entertaining with an Outdoor Picnic Table

Patio picnic tables are a classic part of deck and yard decor. Their casual, bench-style seating is perfect for intimate gatherings or even large groups of up to ten people. Use these tables to lay out a buffet-style spread for family reunions or have a couple of drinks with friends.

Beyond the Traditional

With our wide selection of outdoor picnic tables, you can go nostalgic with a rectangular wooden model or try a modern twist on this iconic design. With benches attached or freestanding, folding designs or stationary structure, PatioFurniture.com offers picnic tables made from materials like aluminum, wicker, and teak in many shapes, sizes, and colors.

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