Space-Saving Patio Furniture

Picture of a teak 5 piece round outdoor dining set.Wood Patio Dining Set

One of the best parts of having an outdoor living space is decorating. Depending on the size of your patio, it’s easy to get carried away and overcrowd the space. With some clever tricks and the right small patio furniture, you can make the most of limited room and create an inviting spot to relax with friends and family.

Planning for Small Space Patio Furniture

Most small backyard patio ideas require a little planning up front when it comes to space. Deciding what to add begins with knowing how much room you have. As well as creating a size reference when picking out furniture, knowing a patio’s dimensions can help you visualize where different pieces will go, and how to split up the area. Once you have a mental picture, begin to plan the layout. Be sure to take seating, dining, decor, and lighting into account as you go forward. In addition to size, think about style while shopping to make sure you end up with a cohesive design scheme.

5 Pc Dining Set

Placement is Everything Possibly even more than choosing small outdoor furniture, layout determines the comfort of your patio. The same pieces of furniture may make a space feel open or crowded simply based on their placement. Dining furniture is the perfect example of this idea. Tight spaces can make it tough for guests to comfortably get in and out of chairs. Placing a small patio set in a central location is a great way to create a focal point that keeps people close together while maintaining an open, airy feel. Space around the table may feature planters or benches for additional seating.

Patio Dining Set with Round Table

The shape of your furniture may also play a role in where it works best. Depending on the layout and size of your space, it might make more sense to tuck a rectangular table against a wall than a round table, which works better in the center of a patio. Versatile Seating Another way to maximize space is through the use of multi-purpose furniture. Benches with hidden storage offer seating as well as somewhere to keep gardening tools or extra blankets out of the way. Choosing a bench over chairs can reduce clutter as well.

Picture of an outdoor bench.Outdoor Bench

Spread Up, Not Out If square footage is at a premium, consider using vertical or overhead surfaces to your advantage. Mount shelves or lights to a wall for some space-saving decor that also adds a little atmosphere. Hanging plants and lamps work nicely too, giving you plenty of room for other furniture.

Wall Sconce

Choosing a Small Patio Table

If you’re going to spend time outside, you’ll need somewhere to set drinks and snacks. Some tables have built-in features such as racks for chairs or leaves to extend the tabletop. A small outdoor table with wheels adds mobility, ensuring that any unneeded furniture is easy to move.

Balcony Bar Table

Compact items like balcony tables make great outdoor furniture for small spaces. These tables can hang on railings or fencing, keeping them neat and orderly even in storage. They can also fold up to make room for other small deck furniture.

Picture of a black outdoor end table. Outdoor Patio Table

Think Beyond the Patio

If your patio has ready access to the yard, move around chairs and tables that double as lawn furniture to extend beyond the patio. If not, indoor/outdoor furniture from a sunroom can take on a new life outside. Purchasing pieces with multiple uses in mind can yield the most value for your money.

Things to Keep in Mind

With patio decor, sometimes less is more. As the seasons change, you might find some pieces more useful than others and choose to switch them out. Employing a shed or garage to store items makes stowing chairs or tables simple. Space-saving patio furniture like outdoor storage chests are also the ideal way to protect delicate decor like pillows and cushions.

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