Decorating your Patio in Blue and Yellow

yellow patio set with blue patterned pillows

This classic color pairing will bring a ray of sunshine to your backyard. Layering a blue and yellow color scheme throughout your patio decor can be effectively achieved through a variety of different design styles. From time-honored geometrical patterns to casual beachy looks, it’s a color combo that never fails to produce gorgeous results.

blue and yellow outdoor accent pillows gold and aqua outdoor wall art

Choosing your Hues

Go traditional with unapologetic navy and sunny yellow. You’ll love the way dark blue furnishings create a substantial feel on your deck while vibrant yellow contrasts brighten the space. You may instead embrace an updated autumn flavor with the earthy golden yellow of fall leaves paired with the soft blue of late season skies. Or add a tropical flair to your terrace by combining a watery aqua blue with sun-kissed blonde.

Building the Look

It can be challenging to find a patio set featuring these two harmonious colors. As you search, you’ll find that blue furniture pieces are much easier to find than yellow. Luckily yellow accessories are everywhere making it easy to add the touches you need to bring your blue and yellow patio ideas to life.

blue conversation set with yellow accents

Bold Contrast

To maximize contrast, select dark blues and light or bright yellows. Choose pieces that incorporate only one of the two hues for a color blocking approach. Start with a blue patio seating set or an outdoor sectional. Add yellow toss pillows for comfort or a throw for chilly nights under the stars, and finish with a yellow outdoor stool to create a well curated effect.

blue patio sectional with yellow decor accents

Intensify the design by adding a yellow outdoor rug and a captivating piece of wall art to liven up an unadorned stucco wall. Here the light yellow plays off of deep denim blue sectional, creating balance and interest.

butter yellow outdoor sofa with pale blue striped pillows butter yellow outdoor carpet with blue flowers

Soft and Inviting

Not into boldly contrasting colors? Opt for blending butter yellow with periwinkle blue for an inviting combination that will draw family and friends outside for long stretches of quality time together. This floral rug and sofa with striped accent pillows incorporate multiple shades of each hue in mixed color patterns.

yellow patio accents - wall art, plant pots, and rug

Soft sunny yellows and faded golds will complement and temper a blue patio in any shade. And don’t stop with the rugs and wall décor, fill your terrace with color by sprinkling this revitalizing shade across plant pots and flowerbeds.

Curating the Accessories

Pulling together a complete blue and yellow patio or porch design is very much like crafting your inside decor. The details and accessories are what elevate your room, creating a well-appointed look.

indoor/outdoor rugs in blue and yellow tones

Outdoor Rugs

Whether they feature flowers, stripes or fauna, yellow and blue foundations help define your patio space. Set a tone while you create boundaries for your seating or dining collection. Whether you are going for a beachy vibe, nautical theme or classic aesthetic this color combo can help you achieve your look.

azure blue cantilever umbrella vibrant yellow patio umbrella


Umbrellas and canopies create a ceiling for your outdoor room, providing shade on sunny days and shelter from surprise showers. Adding a touch of color here draws the eye upward. Choose subtle lagoon for a serene look or select lemon yellow for a cheery touch.

blue and silver seagull wall art for patio

Wall Hangings

Reinforce your theme with outdoor wall decor. Give an unadorned wall a lift with something special in shades from royal blue to antique gold. Choose finds in the form of clocks, metal wall sculptures, carvings, reclaimed objects or hanging gardens.

yellow decorative outdoor stool cobalt blue planter pot for patio or garden golden yellow vase for indoor/outdoor decor


Adding the finishing details can come in the form of any number of patio pleasers. Outdoor stools work well as side tables or extra seating and are available in many shades. Planters, lanterns, vases, weather vanes, garden sculptures and serving trays are potential additions that can add style and impact. Carefully select the elements that bring you joy to beautify your outdoor living space.

beige outdoor sofa set with mustard and indigo accents

Just a Touch

Perhaps you are starting with a neutral base and don’t have the desire (or budget) to overdo things. Introducing discerning touches may be your answer. Mustard and indigo are captivating on this otherwise unassuming taupe seating set. They add just a pop of color and pattern while bringing out the golden tones in its teak accents.

all weather wicker seating with yellow and blue accessories

With a rainbow of colors available, pinpointing a palette that piques your interest can be a challenge. Whether you completely deck out your deck in gold and denim or just add a few daffodil and ice-blue touches, you can’t go wrong with a blue and yellow patio color palette in your backyard.