Allmodern vs. Wayfair

Whats the Difference?

Allmodern and Wayfair are global, whole-house furniture brands with a strong focus on customer service. Despite offering different styles and selections, Allmodern is one of five retailers owned and operated by Wayfair. As such, return policies, warranties and delivery services are the same or similar across both brands.

allmodern vs wayfair comparison


When it comes to the location differences between Allmodern and Wayfair, each brand provides customers with a similar online shopping experience. However, some Wayfair patrons do have access to physical stores for in-person browsing.


With its streamlined, online-only approach, Allmodern provides customers with a convenient alternative to traditional brick and mortar stores. Customers can browse the brand’s catalog and make purchases day or night, which can speed up the buying and shipping process.


Like Allmodern, Wayfair emphasizes an online shopping experience to serve its customers. However, the company also operates two showrooms. The only retail store is in Natick, MA, and it features up-to-date stock. The other location, an outlet store for customers to shop for returned and closeout items, is in Florence, KY.


Warranty information for Allmodern and Wayfair is identical and gives shoppers a choice in the type of coverage they prefer. While coverage details vary between products, plans and warranty companies, some policies include coverage for:

  • Accidental stains and damages
  • Structural damage to mattresses
  • Defects in mechanical and electrical construction
  • Common malfunctions
  • Mattress protector stains and damages

The protection plan you choose takes effect immediately after the manufacturer’s warranty expires. Coverage begins the day you order the item for Allmodern and Wayfair products that lack a manufacturer’s warranty.


When comparing the style and selection of Allmodern vs. Wayfair products, you’ll find that these retailers cater to different tastes. Whether it’s fashionable decor for a traditional den, a new modern sectional for the family room or an outdoor patio set for the backyard, both Allmodern and Wayfair have a lot to offer.


Allmodern focuses solely on modern and contemporary furnishings, including Scandinavian, modern farmhouse, minimalist and mid-century modern. Customers can purchase everything from sofas and coffee tables to outdoor patio sets, all with clean, sleek lines and modern aesthetics. Additionally, Allmodern offers a variety of home decor such as wall art, decorative mirrors and shelving.


Wayfair offers an extensive range of styles to choose from such as traditional, boho-chic, modern, coastal and more. The Wayfair catalog includes refined dining sets featuring rich wood finishes, bedroom collections with ornate carved details and various other elegant furnishings.


Both Allmodern and Wayfair provide free shipping on qualifying items. Otherwise, a flat shipping rate applies to the order. Both brands offer basic curbside and front door delivery, though you can pay extra for all-inclusive delivery that includes assembly. When deciding between Allmodern and Wayfair for international orders, place your order through a local website rather than the U.S. online store.


When comparing Allmodern vs. Wayfair sales and discounts, both brands offer frequent specials and promotional deals. Regular closeout, holiday and end-of-season sales for items such as patio furniture, storage solutions, office desks, beds and a wide selection of home decor offer customers high-quality furnishings for less.

Is Allmodern or Wayfair Right for You?

Since Wayfair owns and operates Allmodern, the two share many similarities in delivery, shipping and warranty coverage. However, each brand’s style and selection differ to appeal to a wide variety of shoppers. When weighing the differences between Allmodern and Wayfair, it all comes down to which retailer’s style appeals to your design sensibilities.