Sip your morning coffee on the patio or enjoy drinks by the pool with the help of an outdoor coffee table. Sturdy materials like teak, aluminum and wicker easily withstand the elements and stay looking good as new through every season. Our selection of outdoor coffee tables also includes a range of shapes and sizes to fit any space.

Comfortable Outdoor Living

Coffee tables are as essential on the patio as they are in the living room. These pieces bring the comfort and convenience of home into your back yard by serving as a footrest, storage unit, display space, or surface for drinks and dinner.

Let Material Set the Mood

Choosing a patio coffee table is about creating the atmosphere you want. If you’re after casual game nights and classic ambiance, choose a durable wood model. Looking for more of a funky and fun feel? Pick up something in sleek, weather-resistant metal. Our selection offers everything from ornate cast iron pieces to rustic wicker outdoor coffee tables so we have you covered whether you prefer timeless appeal or contemporary charisma.

A Fit for Any Space

We showcase diverse shapes and sizes of patio coffee tables to make sure you get just the right look. Select one that’s compact and rectangular for traditional coziness. On the other hand, our circular and oval pieces give off a playful and modern vibe. Whatever you need, we can help you find a piece that will suit your taste.

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