Keeping your patio furniture safe from the elements is essential if you want your outdoor decor to maintain its comfortable feel and beautiful look over time. Using protective patio furniture covers is an excellent way to shield your furnishings from the effects of intense sunlight, heavy rain and snowfall, dust and debris.

Patio Seating Covers

Protect your outdoor rocker, glider, or club chair with a patio chair cover. Available in sizes ranging from 28 inches to 80 inches or more, these covers feature treated cloth, nylon or tarp-like material to stop moisture from soaking through and damaging the cushions, wooden, metal or wrought-iron material of your chairs.

If you have a larger patio seating arrangement, you can also find outdoor sofa and chaise lounge covers in this selection. Again, these pieces come in various sizes, so it’s easy to discover smaller covers that protect your deck-top loveseat, medium-sized options for couches and large covers for wide, angular sectional sofas.

Outdoor Table Covers

Patio tables, especially those with delicate glass tops, can become faded, scuffed or chipped if they spend too much time in the sun or if strong winds blow stones and branches into them. A patio table cover can help prevent the surfaces and finishes of these pieces from sustaining such damages.

Depending on the sizes and types of tables you have on your patio, you might consider bringing home covers for:

Patio Umbrella Covers

Proper storage is essential when it comes to keeping damp leaves, cobwebs and rain from damaging your outdoor umbrella between uses. Shop this selection to discover standing, table and cantilever umbrella covers to suit your needs. Be sure to select one with drawstrings or ties so you can prevent it from blowing off on windy days.