An outdoor sofa has a big impact on the appearance of your space while bringing the comforts of your home outside. Our broad range of designs, sizes, and colors ensures that you can find the perfect fit for any needs or style.

Patio Sofa Materials

Frames To determine the right frame material, consider the look you want to achieve with an outdoor couch. For an airy and modern feel, choose a sleek metal frame. These patio sofas are usually several inches off the ground to increase visual space and make the area feel more open. On the other hand, a wicker or woven outdoor sofa frame harmonizes with traditional decor. These pieces often come in natural wood tones that give your patio a cozy, warm, and inviting feel. Cushions Outdoor sofa cushions can be plush and colorful or muted and neutral. Pick a base hue and dress it up or tone it down using accent pillows. Our patio sofa fabric is weather resistant and will last for many seasons with proper care.

Patio Sofa Size & Shape

We offer everything from intimate seating to large patio couches for entertaining. Go with curved outdoor sofas that give an around-the-campfire vibe, or try a piece with a floating chaise lounge that gives you a place to kick up your heels. Whether you want a single patio sofa or a seating set, we have you covered. Make it a set with a couple comfy Patio Lounge Chairs
Picture of a beige outdoor sofa
Southport Sofa