Outdoor Lighting

Patio light fixtures let you illuminate your deck, porch or pathways with a dazzling glow. Along with evoking a warm, welcoming atmosphere, outdoor torches, string lights and ultra-bright flood lights can make it easier to see when enjoying late-night backyard parties or al fresco meals under the stars. Browse this selection of outdoor lights to find fixtures that suit your practical and decorative needs.

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Types of Patio Lighting

When shopping for patio furnishings, you’ll discover several different types of outdoor lighting options to choose from. To ensure that you select the best fixtures for your unique setup, check out the following outdoor lighting ideas:

  • Hanging Lights: Outdoor hanging lights such as chandeliers and pendant lights are perfect for those who want to add dazzling overhead lighting above their patio dining sets or lounge areas. Since they hang from the ceiling of your porch or covered terrace, hanging lights are also an excellent choice for those looking to save floor space on their small balconies.
  • Lamps: Patio lamps can help your outdoor seating arrangement feel as cozy and coordinated as your indoor living space. Create a classic, balanced look using a table lamp on each side of your sofa. Or, tuck a floor lamp in the corner of your layout to cast bright light beams throughout the area.
  • Wall-Mounted Lights: Wall lighting is another space-saving solution for those looking to illuminate small patios. Use stylish sconces to light up your porches and walking paths. You can also install wall lights beside your garage to help your guests see when pulling into and out of your driveway at night.
  • Torches: Need to illuminate your patio layout for nighttime swims and after dark cocktail parties? Enjoy your late-night parties by the flickering firelight of an outdoor torch. Check out tabletop torches if you want small-scale lighting for romantic candlelit dinners on your balcony.

Colors & Finishes

Once you decide on the type of outdoor lighting you want, select fixtures with the colors and finishes that best suit your existing decor. Wall-mounted lights with simple white or black finishes blend in beautifully with any patio palette. Meanwhile, stringing colorful blue, red, green, pink and yellow lanterns throughout your yard enhances the fun and festive vibe of the space.

Different light fixture materials can have a stylish effect on your layout as well. For example, wrought iron lights with antique bronze and metal finishes lend an air of luxury to your traditional outdoor theme. On the other hand, weathered driftwood table lamps enhance the natural appeal of your coastal or rustic design, while woven rattan lamp shades spruce up a tropical terrace.