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Bohemian backyard designs

Design Ideas for Boho Patios

More than any other design style, boho is about attitude – namely relaxed, casual and eclectic with a touch of quirky whimsy. Pulling together this look for a patio, deck or garden can be rewarding and fun. With boho chic style – more is more. Layer colors, textures and patterns to capture the bohemian spirit. Read more.
blue patio set with outdoor decor extras

Outdoor Décor Extras: Wall Décor, Planters and Sculptures

Put the finishing touches on your unique patio design with extras that help you achieve your own look. Just as patio rugs help define your outdoor living space and make it feel more like a room, so will outdoor décor items such as wall art, sculptures and planters. Read more.
propane patio heater

Heating Things Up in your Back Yard

Expand the use of your back yard by adding an element of warmth to the mix. Whether you choose to enjoy the captivating allure of open flame or the comfort of radiant heat, you can encourage the extended enjoyment of outdoor gatherings well into the night … and further into the fall or winter season. Read more.

How to Choose Outdoor Rug Sizes

The optimal outdoor area rug for your patio depends on factors like the size of your deck or porch, the furniture you plan to use and your design goals. We’ve put together this outdoor rug size guide to help you choose the perfect patio rugs for a variety of outdoor spaces. Read more.

Weatherproof Fabric Guide

Fabrics labeled for outdoor use need special treatment to withstand strong sunshine, rain, stains and windy days. However, some weatherproof fabrics are better than others, depending on the climate where you live. Choosing the right outdoor fabric and properly maintaining your furniture is important for lasting style, comfort and use. Read more.

Patio Umbrella Size Guide

A must-have part of your outdoor decor, patio umbrellas are beautiful, practical accents. They provide shade from the sun, shelter from summertime drizzles, and a pop of personality. Choosing an umbrella is more than colorful fabrics and styles. Read more.

Guide for Recycling and Donating Furniture and Appliances

Many of today’s consumers enjoy a minimalist lifestyle to make the most of what they have, cut down on waste and help the environment. However, knowing how to discard furniture and appliances properly can be a tricky and sometimes confusing process. Read more.
aluminum patio dining group

What is the Best Month to Buy Patio Furniture?

Whether you are looking to furnish your entire backyard with seating and dining sets, or if you are just looking to add a few accents, consider your motivations – are you looking for the best prices, the best selection or the quickest delivery? This will help you determine which month will suit you best when shopping for outdoor furniture. Read more.
outdoor dining set in black and wicker

Patios Decked Out in Black and Wicker

All-weather wicker has quickly found its place as favorite material for furnishing outdoor living spaces. A popular and eye-catching trend for this comfy fabrication is a striking black finish. This stand-out look lends a modern sensibility to a classic style. Read more.
black wrought iron patio dining set

Embrace the Timeless Beauty of Black Wrought Iron Patio Décor

Craving a timeless look for your patio or garden? Wrought iron is known for its beauty, durability and elegance. Furniture crafted from this trusted metal is forged and worked resulting in a heavy, resilient and substantial piece that will often outlive its owners. Read more.
Beach theme seating set

Benefits of Having an Outdoor Break Room at Work

Businesses are opening back up, and people are returning to their offices, but many employees working remotely have grown accustomed to flexible work areas. To boost company productivity and improve your employees’ overall well-being, consider the benefits of an outdoor breakroom. Read more.

Sensory Backyard Tips & Ideas

A sensory room is a safe haven. Creating such a space involves choosing the right area, lighting and furnishings to avoid overwhelming those with sensory processing issues. These same principles can be used to establish a fun, safe and sensory-friendly backyard for their kids. Read more.

Are Outdoor Classrooms the Future of Education?

With the rising popularity of outdoor offices, many businesses are looking to take advantage of the various benefits of spending time outside. By considering the pros and cons of teaching outdoors, you may find that an open-air classroom is right for you and your students. Read more.

Is Feng Shui Real?

Planning an effective furniture layout involves both practical and aesthetic concerns. Feng shui is a popular practice that people use to arrange their furniture, but the reason it works has more to do with common sense than mysticism. Read more.
Black and mesh patio seating set

Universal Design for Accessible Backywards

Accessibility features like ramps and railings assist people with disabilities when they are out. While these improvements are common in public spaces, residential areas often lack these necessary elements. All it takes is a few modifications to create an accessible design for your home. Read more.
Luna Lake Brown Outdoor Chaises, Set Of 2

How to Live a Realistic Zero-Waste Life

Many people try to live a greener, more sustainable lifestyle by recycling and buying clothes and furniture secondhand. While it may seem like a challenging task, it only takes a few small changes to cut back on how much waste your family produces. Read more.
Catalina Natural 5 Pc Outdoor Chat Seating Set

New vs. Second-Hand Furniture: Which Is Better?

Outfitting homes with second-hand furniture and refurbishing used tables and chairs is a popular trend. Buying your furnishings from a thrift shop is ideal if you want a living room sofa that is already springy and soft due to previous use. Read more.
outdoor light fixture

Automating the Outdoors: Smart Tech for Your Backyard

Smart home tech and automation includes anything from wireless speakers to heating and cooling systems. With devices that support lighting, security, entertainment, landscaping and irrigation, you can level up your outdoor living spaces, too. Read more.
Fallowbrook I Blue Outdoor Sofa

How to Make Your Airbnb Stand Out

Whether it’s a full-time gig or a side hustle, people turn their properties into Airbnb locations for many reasons. The vacation rental industry is highly competitive and often revolves around unique properties and good locations. Read more.
white and metal patio décor

Stunningly Simple White and Metal Patio Decor

Crisp and refreshing pool side or surrounded by a lush garden blooming with color, white metal patio furniture provides a stunningly pristine canvas for your backyard retreat. With white as the focal color, your outdoor living or dining space will look airy and elegant. Read more.
French Cafe White 5 Pc 42 in. Round Outdoor Bar Height Dining Set

How to Create an Outdoor Office

With many companies shifting toward a work-from-home model, employees need spaces where they can work effectively. One of the best benefits of working remotely is being able to change up your scenery, so why not stretch your legs and relocate to the backyard? Read more.
Light blue and gray wicker patio seating set

Create a Refreshing Backyard Escape in Gray and Wicker

Gone are the days when brown is your only choice for outdoor wicker furniture. Luxurious styles will have you taking in sultry summer days and chilly, late-season nights under the wide open sky of your backyard. Read more.
Black 5 piece patio dining set

Black and Metal Patio Décor

Enjoy the timeless look and enduring quality of black metal patio furnishings and décor. Powder coated cast aluminum, steel and wrought iron are appealing and sturdy materials for outdoor pieces. They hold up well to the elements and create backyard rooms that your family will enjoy for many years to come. Read more.
patio lighting

Decorating your Patio with Lights

As you design your patio to get the most enjoyment out of it as possible, don’t forget to consider lighting. From additions as simple as lanterns and string lights to professionally installed fixtures like wall sconces and chandeliers, lighting is an important addition that will add functionality as well as a festive feel that will will elevate the way you use your backyard. Read more.
White wicker outdoor cafe table

Decorating your Patio in Wicker and White

Wicker … it’s a timeless furniture application that has changed oh-so-much with the times.  Contrary to common conceptions, wicker is actually a technique rather than a material.  This stunningly simple basket weave has been around for generations, but the shapes, construction and materials have continually refreshed in countless ways. Read more.
Casual pool house seating set

Captivating Pool House Décor

Whether you have a cozy pool side gazebo or expansive detached guest house, curating the right combination of décor elements for your cabana sets the tone for your backyard retreat.  Go for old-school Hollywood glam, laid-back beachy resort or anywhere in between. Read more.
Beachy patio conversation set

Beach Theme Patio Décor

There are so many ways to bring the joy and beauty of the beach to your backyard.  Literal translations or subtle visual cues can give you the relaxed get-away feel you crave just outside your back door.  Celebrate a seaside attitude without any of the irritation of sunburn, salt and sand. Read more.
Blue and white wicker seating set

Blue and White Patios that Shine

Blue and white décor, in both trendy and timeless combinations, can revitalize your outdoor living space.  These tones offer a fresh and fabulous approach to design and can be mixed in a number of ways.  We’ve pulled together some breathtaking approaches to styling with this distinctive combo that will transform any backyard. Read more.
blue and yellow patio

Decorating your Patio in Blue and Yellow

This classic color pairing will bring a ray of sunshine to your backyard.  Layering a blue and yellow color scheme throughout your patio décor can be effectively achieved through a variety of different design styles.  From time-honored geometrical patterns to casual beachy looks, it’s a color combo that never fails to produce gorgeous results. Read more.
balcony furniture

Ideas for Decorating your Balcony

Balconies often are tight on space, but that doesn’t have to limit their beauty and usefulness. Whether you’ve got a petite railed ledge with just enough room for a small bistro set or you have an expansive area with the square footage to add a spacious sectional, making the most of your balcony can really boost the quality and quantity of your overall living space.  Read more.
Black and White Patio Seating Set

Black and White Patio Décor Ideas

The striking contrast of black and white patio décor creates a dramatic look against the lush backdrop of patio, porch, or garden. This timeless color pairing never goes out of style and can be the foundation of gorgeous backyards from classic to modern. Here are a few tips and ideas to bring your vision to life. Read more.

Perfectly Rustic: Designing Your Outdoor Patio

The unpretentious, authentic nature of rustic design brings a warm, welcoming tone to porches and decks. Unsure how to plan your rustic patio layout? In this guide, we’ll cover the elements central to this style as well as what to look for when choosing rustic dining sets, seating and accent pieces. Read more.
white patio seating

Patio Layout Ideas

Your backyard is an extension of your home, so it’s important to put the same decorating consideration into it as you would for your living room or bedroom. Designing a patio layout that works for your lifestyle and needs allows you and your family to get the most out of your outdoor spaces. Read more.
wood patio furniture

How To Clean Outdoor Wood Furniture

Wooden patio furniture is an excellent design choice and a wise investment. From spacious sectionals to inviting dining sets, these pieces can last for many years of fun in the sun. However, if you want to get the most out of your outdoor wood furniture, care and maintenance are musts. Read more.

What Is Teak Wood Furniture?

If you’ve ever shopped for outdoor wood furniture, one of the first things you noticed is likely the variety available. With everything from sapele and red cedar to acacia and eucalyptus on offer, it can be hard to know which type of wood will work best for your budget, lifestyle and patio space. Read more.

Must Have Patio Accessories

Decorations make a big difference in how your outdoor living area feels. With a few additions, you can transform your deck into a relaxing vacation spot, a spa-like retreat or party central. While you may already have your larger pieces, like seating and tables, the right patio accessories are the final touch that set the tone for your space. Read more.

Small Patio Decorating Ideas

Rather than feeling limited when decorating small patio spaces, think of compact decks and balconies as an opportunity for creativity.  Read more.
Maintaining Your Patio Furniture

Maintaining Your Outdoor Furniture: Organization, Covers, and More

Outdoor furniture transforms your patio into a cozy retreat for days lounging poolside and nights relaxing around a crackling fire. While quality, all-weather pieces withstand a certain amount of heat, moisture and grime, the elements will start to wear on even the strongest decor. Read more.
Picture of a teak 5 piece round outdoor dining set.

Modern Outdoor Furniture for Small Spaces

While there are a wide range of outdoor decor styles, few are as well-suited to smaller spaces than modern patio furniture. Modern pieces emphasize function over fluff, clean lines, and low profiles which are perfect when you’re working with limited square footage. Read more.
Retro Patio Furniture

Retro Outdoor Furniture: What’s Old is New Again

Searching for patio ideas that are fun, functional, and a little far out? Consider outfitting your backyard with retro outdoor furniture. These stylish throwbacks reference decor from the 1950s to the 1980s with a modern twist. Whether you’re feeling nostalgic or just need a striking addition to your patio, retro is the way to go. Read more.
Wicker vs Metal Outdoor Furniture

Wicker vs Metal Outdoor Furniture

When its time to update your backyard design, there is much to take into consideration. It can be challenging to find outdoor furniture that’s stylish, durable, and within your budget. Two of the best available options are wicker and metal patio furniture. Check out this breakdown of both types to help you make an informed decision for your home. Read more.
Buying Outdoor Furniture

Buying Patio Furniture

Whether you’re making additions to an outdoor space or furnishing a new deck from the ground up, decorating a patio takes just as much planning as interior design. In addition to factoring in available space and style, outdoor challenges like weather and maintenance also come into play. Read more.
Picture of a seating Set with Tabletop Fireplace.

Fire Pit Ideas for Your Patio or Backyard

Fire pits are a must-have when it comes to entertaining outdoors. By providing light, heat, and plenty of charm, a cozy fire lets you enjoy a patio late into the season and puts the finishing touch on any backyard. Read more.

Popular Outdoor Furniture Trends

Design for outdoor spaces is shifting away from solely functional furniture and towards homey comforts. Patio decor that might seem at home either indoors or outside brings both style and substance to your deck and is easy to migrate inside for the winter. Try indoor/outdoor living for yourself with these simple ideas for the patio. Read more.

How to Choose the Best Patio Furniture Materials

Shopping for outdoor furniture involves evaluating many of the same qualities you consider for indoor decor. Style, longevity, comfort, and cost are all important to choosing the patio furniture material that fits your lifestyle and tastes. Still, many buyers forget about a crucial aspect of the decision unique to decorating outdoors. Read more.
teak seating set

Space-Saving Patio Furniture

One of the best parts of having an outdoor living space is decorating. Depending on the size of your patio, it’s easy to get carried away and overcrowd the space. With some clever tricks and the right small patio furniture, you can make the most of limited room and create an inviting spot to relax with friends and family. Read more.
Winterizing Your Patio

Winterizing Your Patio Furniture

Made to endure outdoor conditions during all four seasons, most weather-proof patio furniture can spend a winter outside and still clean up well. Over the long term, though, it’s a good idea to provide more protection for your investment. Before the first frost of the year, following a few steps to guard 3-season patio furniture is an easy way to avoid damage over time. Read more.