Fire Pit Glass

Dazzle guests with the beautiful glow of patio fire glass. These colorful beads reflect light from the flames to form a glimmering focal point. Our collection includes plenty of outdoor fire glass options to help you create a fun, inviting atmosphere.

Elements Combine

Turn your fire bowl into a show-stopping centerpiece with the addition of some outdoor fire glass. These tempered beads and colorful nuggets mix the beauty of raw flame and brightly-hued glass to create a mesmerizing focal point for your table, fire pit, or seating area. Pick from colors and shapes to match any aesthetic.


The choices are endless when it comes to our collection of fire glass. Select smooth beads for a polished, modern vibe or go for the unique, rugged feel of crushed glass or fire glass rocks. Our variety of finishes and hues will make it easy to find the right look.

Stylish Heating

While enhancing a fire’s natural glow, patio fire glass also retains heat, making it just the thing for a cool summer night. offers all you need to start enjoying the dancing colors and cozy warmth of your own outdoor fire glass pit.