Umbrella Accessories

Providing shade in all of the right places is vital to making the most of your patio on sunny summer days. To give your backyard umbrella a solid, sturdy place to stand, be sure to have an umbrella base on hand.

While some patio tables have umbrella stands built in, a separate base lets you create free-standing shade wherever you need it. These pieces allow you to move an umbrella easily and keep your decorating layout options open. Our collection of umbrella bases includes numerous styles and sizes to ensure a true match to your outdoor space.

Base and Stand Features

Designed to be heavy, consider choosing an umbrella stand with side wheels for easy transportation. Our selection also includes bases in various colors to match your patio decor. Every outdoor paradise can use a little shade here and there, and umbrella bases are a great place to start.

Need a new Umbrella Canopy?

Picture of a 110 pound umbrella base with wheels.
Umbrella Base 110Lb Black With Side Wheels