Keep seating areas and pathways lit with patio lanterns. Seat your guests around a chic tabletop lamp for dinner beneath the stars, or use elegant wall sconces to light doorways and garden paths. An outdoor lantern also allows you to enjoy a few drinks and a card game with friends well after sunset.

Set the Mood

When the sun sets, outdoor lighting transitions you into the night. The timeless style and unique beauty of lantern light goes a long way toward creating a warm, inviting atmosphere. With a variety of features and materials, our selection includes traditional as well as contemporary outdoor lantern designs.

Patio Lantern Styles

LED and solar outdoor lanterns help to conserve energy, while others use candles for the appeal of a flickering flame or keep away pesky mosquitoes. Choose from tabletop models great for decoration and wall-mounted fixtures for a more permanent source of light. With intricate designs that look beautiful even during the day, patio lanterns are an excellent choice for any deck or garden.