Enjoy spending time with friends and family on the deck after sunset with outdoor lanterns that light up the night. Available in an array of designs, colors, materials and styles, you can hang or mount patio lanterns to illuminate your balcony or patio or use them as tabletop decor for after-dark dinner parties.

Light Up Your Color Scheme

Boost your color palette with outdoor lanterns in a range of neutral and vibrant hues. Use black lanterns as contrast against a white sofa set, or opt for white or silver fixtures to keep your layout airy and bright. Meanwhile, gold or bronze lanterns give earthy, rustic looks a warm, inviting glow.

Likewise, ocean blue outdoor lanterns arranged around a poolside deck enhance your relaxing backyard oasis. Green patio lanterns also mix well with natural touches like teak and wicker furniture. For parties and colorful flower gardens, select red and yellow lanterns to create a fun, cheerful vibe.

Coordinated Illumination

Made from a variety of materials, outdoor lanterns can provide a balanced look within a well-lit space. Complement a traditional terrace with timeless wrought iron lanterns featuring graceful curves and scrollwork details. Metal lights are also great for modern decor with sleek aluminum and steel finishes and coordinate easily with other metal patio furniture.

Create a warm and welcoming patio with ceramic lanterns. Beautifully carved patterns cast an inviting glow with shadows that dance across wood decking or outdoor rugs. For coastal or boho layouts, consider a lantern with wood accents like teak frames, driftwood finishes or wooden beads.

Lantern shades also come in various styles. Festive, foldable lanterns have a peaceful presence in Zen-themed flower gardens. They’re also easy to hang throughout the yard wherever you need a pop of color or a well-lit pathway. For a porch or patio, choose a glass lantern with clear, frosted or textured glass, depending on your decorating tastes.

Lighting Style

Portable solar outdoor lanterns use sunlight as a natural power source, charging throughout the day so you can use them well into the night. You can also illuminate walkways, flowerbeds and doorways with LED lanterns, another outdoor lighting option that’s easy to move around.