3 x 10 Patio Rugs

Add a splash of color to your backyard paradise with a 3×10 outdoor rug. Regal, natural hues like forest green and deep plum are perfect for the great outdoors, while gorgeous decorative prints and patterns are a great way to incorporate some unique depth and texture in your decor. 3×10 outdoor rugs are a simple yet striking way to bring sophisticated style to your patio space.

A 3×10 outdoor rug is ideal for lining narrow spaces with a cozy finishing touch. Soft outdoor-ready fabrics provide a comfy padded feeling as you traverse your patio space. 3×10 outdoor rugs are ideal as a runner connecting parts of your deck, or as a transitional space for your patio entryway. Try using your rug as a liner for your short staircase to make getting down to your patio easy and comfortable.