Whether you’re enjoying an afternoon with the family or a night out under the stars, outdoor glider chairs let you relax in comfort. Our selection includes different sizes and styles to suit a deck, patio or balcony. Browse our patio glider chair collection to find the design that works best for you.

Built with durable materials such as aluminum, teak and wicker, patio glider chairs are weather-resistant, and many feature cushions or upholstery that won’t fade or mildew. Since you can wipe down most outdoor glider chairs with a clean cloth, it’s easy to keep them looking like new.

Choose from a variety of outdoor glider chairs to complement your layout. To complete a modern deck or patio, browse seats with clean, straight lines and modest silhouettes. For a coastal theme, search for seats with light woodgrain finishes and weathered accents to get a seaside vibe. Available in an array of chic options, it’s easy to find a patio glider chair to suit your style.

Revamp your outdoor spaces into a romantic retreat or a casual hangout. A pair of patio glider chairs and a low fire table creates an intimate space for two. Seats with plush cushioning are also a cozy, laid-back option for spending time with friends on the porch or balcony. With their gentle back-and-forth motion, outdoor glider chair sets let you and your guests sway and rock the night away.