Outdoor Décor Extras: Wall Décor, Planters and Sculptures

blue patio set with outdoor decor extras

Put the finishing touches on your unique patio design with extras that help you achieve your own look. Just as patio rugs help define your outdoor living space and make it feel more like a room, so will outdoor décor items such as wall art, sculptures and planters.

Hang Something that Catches the Eye

Wall décor adds beauty and personality to your backyard or porch and can break up the monotony of expansive, unadorned outdoor walls of your home.

patio dining with metal wall art patio seating area with woven wall art
  • Outdoor Wall Art – There is a wide variety of styles and selections in outdoor wall art. Many metal options are unframed and can be described more closely as wall sculptures. Dynamic and sometimes whimsical, browse tinted metal selections in beachy, tropical or geometric themes. Carved wood and woven wall hangings are popular ways to lend a natural or rustic feel, but will hold up better under protected porches or sheltered by generous overhanging eves. Distressed and hand painted seaside signs add a nautical flare that whisks you away to the relaxed feel of vacation at the shore.
  • Thermometers – Keep tabs on outside temps with a decorative indoor/outdoor thermometer. For the most accurate readings, hang the thermometer where the sun will not hit it directly but that is not too protected from the heat or cold of the day. If you install the thermometer in a location that is visible from inside your house you’ll always know what temps to expect before you head out.

wrought iron dining set with outdoor clock

  • Clocks – Time can fly by when you enjoying the pool or playing in the backyard. Mounting an oversized outdoor clock adds beauty to your wall or fence while helping your family keep track of the time. Select an oversized clock so that it can be read easily from across the yard and so that it doesn’t look lost on an expansive outdoor wall. For even more functionality, look for models that include clock and thermometer together.
  • Suncatchers – Whether crafted from stained glass or crystals, suncatchers add sparkle and intrigue to your yard or southern facing window. Hang these beauties where they can catch the sun during the day and you’ll enjoy the dancing colors created by the prisms or tinted glass.

balcony with planters and sculptures

Large and Small Planters Build Atmosphere

Layer your space with different sized plants to build a lush feel in your outdoor space. Whether you are on the balcony of a high-rise or have a patio nestled in the middle of a vibrant garden, adding plants in planter pots or boxes creates a dynamic quality to our outdoor living.

pool deck with white planter pots balcony with dining and plants

Planters can be used to define different outdoor “rooms” or to break up a large, unembellished wall or fence. Grouping smaller plants on shelves and plant stands or add a living wall with succulents or other resilient ornamentals make even the most arid locales feel fertile.

black and white patio with large planters

Use an oversized planter to create a special focus area, or create vertical interest with tall plants on your patio.

Choose the planter material that accents your patio style the best. Glazed ceramic in a range of colors allow you to tie into your patio color scheme, unfinished terra cotta pots or wooden planter boxes offer a rustic look. Steel planters can look modern, industrial or add rural charm. Planter boxes and stands in wrought iron can add an Old World or traditional flair.

small animal garden statue metal contemporary garden sculpture

Adorn your Garden with Statues and Outdoor Sculptures

Add subtle touches or a bold centerpiece to your garden or your patio with an outdoor sculpture or statue. Crafted from metals like steel and bronze, molded resin or stone, sculptures add finesse to your yard. Choose abstract modern art styles for a contemporary home, or select playful animals or gnomes for a whimsical touch. Replicas of classical sculptures set a refined tone and angels crate a peaceful feel.

Small outdoor sculptures can be placed on a side table or garden stool to enhance your patio seating area. Larger pieces can stand beside planters, by garden paths or on a pedestal as a focal point.

wicker porch with wall art, sculpture and planters

Crafting your Unique Look

Just like when you are adding décor accents to the rooms inside of your home, putting the extra attention into details in your outdoor living rooms create warm and welcoming spaces that you’ll want to make the most out of. Whether you are adding details to your side porch, back deck or garden patio, extras like wall art, planters and sculptures create a look and feel that will keep you heading outside to enjoy the beauty and space that surrounds your home.