Using Patio Sectionals

Blue and white sectional

What Are the Advantages of a Sectional Sofa?

Although outdoor sofas are still a popular choice for those looking to furnish their deck-top seating areas, more and more people are adding patio sectionals to their chic and comfy layouts. Wondering what makes these uniquely-shaped couches such an interesting option? Check out this post to learn about the benefits of decorating your patio with an outdoor sectional sofa.

Outdoor Sectional Benefits Overview

In this article, you’ll learn about the benefits of adding a sectional to your outdoor setup, including information to help you understand:

Siesta Key wicker sectional

Learn about the advantages of choosing an outdoor sectional for your patio.

Compact Designs and Various Size Options

People searching for space-saving patio furniture and decor often select outdoor sectionals for their setups. Where a typical patio seating set requires you to place the couch, loveseat and club chairs in different spots, a sectional sofa combines multiple seats into one unit. As such, they’re perfect for those who need a condensed seating arrangement to suit their small patio decorating ideas.

Compact sectionals come in several sizes as well, so it’s easy to find one that fits your particular patio layout. Consider a 2 pc, 3 pc or 4 pc outdoor sectional if you’re outfitting a narrow balcony or small condo deck. Larger lanais and back decks may be able to accommodate a 5 pc, 6 pc or 7 pc option, while many grand courtyards offer enough space for wider 8 pc, 9 pc and 10 pc sectional sofas.

Brown wicker curved sectional

Depending on its size, one sectional can provide as much seating as two couches or a sofa-sectional combo.

Outdoor Sectionals Offering Ample Seating

Whichever sectional size you choose for your apartment patio, condo balcony or spacious rooftop terrace, these seats are great for accommodating guests during outdoor parties and get-togethers. Generally speaking, more people can fit on a standard sectional than on a traditional three-seater couch.

You can usually seat anywhere from four to six people on a typical 3 pc sectional sofa. Of course, a larger model can give you even more room for friends and family members who want to relax outside and enjoy your patio. If you like to host large outdoor events, setting up a roomy outdoor sectional can ensure that every one of your guests has a comfy spot to sit.

white frame sofa with blue cushions

Sectionals let guests sit closer together, making it easier for more people to fit on the seats.

Customizable Sectional Configurations

Patio sectionals come in different configurations to suit your unique patio layout. For example, right-facing and left-facing L-shaped sectionals can fit into a corner of your fenced-in backyard or enclosed porch. Meanwhile, a curved sectional sofa is an excellent choice for creating a cohesive look on a round patio. You could also use a U-shaped sectional for cozy seating in the center of your outdoor setup.

Since many sectionals have a modular design that separates and reconnects into different configurations, they’re the perfect flexible outdoor furniture for those who like to rearrange their patios from time to time. Some sectional sofas might also have an attachable table top on each end or at the intersection of two seats, making them an extra practical pick for your outdoor design.

Sofa with white cushions

Modular sectionals let you get creative with your patio layout.

Versatile Style and Color Options

Although people usually associate sectional sofas with updated modern and contemporary designs, these seats can complement almost any chic decor style. Select a sectional with a distressed wood frame to suit a rustic outdoor aesthetic or promote a breezy coastal vibe using a wicker patio sectional. Prefer the look of elegant, traditional style? Try a metal sectional sofa featuring detailed scrollwork.

Another benefit of selecting an outdoor sectional is that they come in a wide range of colors and finishes, so finding one that works with your chosen color scheme can be a breeze. To find a seat that suits your patio palette, browse sectional sofas featuring the following hues:

  • Warm Tones: Enhance the fun, upbeat energy of your backyard by adding a striking red, sunny yellow or vibrant orange sectional to the space. Along with providing beautiful contrast against the soft green and brown tones of your lawn and flower beds, sectionals featuring these dynamic hues promote the perfect atmosphere for outdoor games and pool parties.
  • Cool Colors: On the other hand, sectional sofas in cooler blue and green tones give your layout more of a calm, relaxing vibe. If you’re planning to spend your outdoor leisure time meditating, enjoying a good book or taking cozy catnaps, seats with deep navy or sage green cushions can help you set the mood.
  • Neutral Shades: Outdoor sectionals with neutral finishes make an excellent base for colorful toss pillows, throw blankets, rugs and other decorative accents. Choose a beige, gray, brown, white or black sectional sofa to complement any stylish or seasonal changes to your existing patio palette.

bronze curved sectional with matching chairs and table

Outdoor sectionals come in a range of styles and colors to suit almost any design.

With all the practical advantages that outdoor sectionals can bring to a patio layout, it’s no wonder that so many people choose them for their comfy and stylish setups. If you’d like to enjoy some of these benefits as well, consider furnishing your deck or terrace with one of these versatile seating options.