Must-Have Patio Accessories

7 Must-Have Patio Accessories

Decorations make a big difference in how your outdoor living area feels. With a few additions, you can transform your deck into a relaxing vacation spot, a spa-like retreat or party central. While you may already have your larger pieces, like seating and tables, the right patio accessories are the final touch that set the tone for your space.

Choosing the Best Outdoor Accessories

Do you want to cover your exterior walls in artwork? Or do you prefer decorative items that have multiple functions, like cushions, rugs, clocks and thermometers? Select the outdoor decor you want with pieces and accessories that:

  • Complement your style
  • Unite your color palette
  • Complete the look of your backyard living space
  • Last under all types of weather conditions
  • Have several benefits and uses

Need some more ideas? Breathe a breath of fresh air into your backyard with these seven must-have accessories for your outdoor living space.

1.) Colorful Patio Cushions

Reinvent your outdoor decor with every season by switching out the sofa cushions or tossing on a few throw pillows. These accents are an easy way to incorporate a hint of color. Put a few of these vibrant patio pillows on a chaise lounge, loveseat or rocking chair for an extra dash of comfort and style.

picture of colorful outdoor pillows

Colorful Throw Pillows

2.) Durable Outdoor Rugs

Patio rugs are another effortless way to make a splash. Pick mats in hues that coordinate with your cushions and throws to create a unified look. The right rug can also have a grounding effect on your patio, tying the area together and giving it a curated feel.

Outdoor carpets have the added benefit of saving your feet while you hang out in the backyard. If you have a concrete patio, the surface can get scorching hot on a sunny day, so a rug can act as a buffer from all of that heat. For wooden decks, an outdoor mat helps prevent splinters from worn boards.

The right outdoor rug should be weather- and fade- resistant to stand up to the elements. You’ll want a carpet that can withstand chlorinated pool water, sand and dust, as well. Synthetic fibers tend to be the best choice for a patio rug that can handle all of this.

Outdoor Rug

3.) Stunning Wall Decorations

Great as an accent on the shed or point of interest on the fencing, patio wall decor is an easy upgrade. Hang art on your home’s exterior, above a bar cart or even on the posts of your veranda. Available in an assortment of weather-friendly materials, most outdoor hanging decor is safe to leave up year-round.

Outdoor wall decor is functional as well as beautiful. For example, stylish thermometers help you check the temperature with a glance, while sun catchers disperse light and brighten up darker areas. You can even keep track of the time while you relax by the pool with a chic clock.

Picture of a metal outdoor wall decor.

Outdoor Wall Decor

4.) Planters, Flowerpots and Pottery

Outdoor planters are a wonderful option for those with a smaller yard or apartment that has little room for landscaping. Position a couple of flower boxes along the balcony for a simple way to integrate a little bit of nature into your design. Large floor planters also work well to frame a spacious back porch or deck with colorful tropical plants.

Picture of a red and blue outdoor planter pots.

Planter Pots

5.) Statues and Sculptures

Another eye-catching add-on to your flower beds is an outdoor garden statue. Sculptures and lawn ornaments highlight landscapes that have a special religious, fairy tale or abstract motif. Made with all-weather materials like bronze, stone and rust-free metal, outdoor statues are perfect for areas that receive frequent watering.

Picture of a brown cat and orange fish patio statue

Garden Statues

6.) Stylish Lighting

The right outdoor lighting can make or break your patio design. You can choose from a variety of styles depending on the area and the vibe you want to create. Here are some of the most popular types of lighting:

  • Pendants, Hanging Lights and Chandeliers – These options are ideal when you want overhead lighting. Use these fixtures in a gazebo, under a porch awning or on a canopy.
Image of two outdoor chandeliers

Outdoor Chandeliers

  • Floor and Table Lamps – When you need the freedom to move and rearrange your outdoor lighting, floor and table lamps are your best bet. Place these pieces throughout your seating area for a warm, ambient glow.
Image of an outdoor table lamp and an outdoor floor lamp

Outdoor Lamps

  • Lanterns – Pick from electric, solar or candle-lit lanterns to set a rustic mood in your garden. You can choose mounted, table or hanging styles to suit your preference.
Image of two outdoor lanterns.


  • Torches – Great for your next themed party or to light the path to the pool, torches are a fun decorative choice. Many models allow you to use insect-repelling fuel for added practicality.
Image of two outdoor torches.


  • Sconces and Wall Lighting – Use this permanent outdoor lighting near doors, steps and on outbuildings, such as storage sheds, for extra light where you need it the most.
Image of two outdoor sconces


Many outdoor lighting options are also solar-powered, which can save on energy costs. Additionally, motion sensor lights help you feel more secure in your home and allow for improved visibility when staying out late.


7.) Cozy Outdoor Heating

With outdoor heating, you can gather around the fire on a chilly night or add ambiance to a romantic evening under the stars. Electric heaters, tabletop fireplaces and chimeneas help keep you and your guests warm while you share drinks and memories on the patio. If you want the traditional experience of gathering around the open fire, opt for a fire pit or ring instead.

Image of a round tabletop firepit.

Tabletop Fireplace

Putting It All Together

Experimentation is the key to finding the perfect pieces for your design. Explore the possibilities, mix and match and try different combinations to see what outdoor decor works with your space and existing furniture. With the right must-have patio accessories, you can bring backyard vision to life.